About the pessimist who writes this blog

Well what do you know? I never thought I would be able to actually start this page. I have been contemplating on it for almost 4 months. I used to think I was the most boringest, unhappiest and alonest plans on the planet. Turns out that I am only the second boringest, second unhappiest and the third alonest person the planet. Don't ask me how I reached that conclusion. Anyways I am Niranjana alias Weirdo alias Nomad. Weirdo originates from my inability to do anything the way people expect me to do it. Its not because I am a rebel, I just forget what is expected of me. The Nomad part of it comes from my ever continuing travels. Now don't get me wrong. I don't love the changing schoolsbeing the forever alone new kid, getting violently carsick parts. Oh definitely no. I just ... move on. I am a teen who is so confused she can't a tell a hippo from an elephant. Even though they look kinda similar. This blog would as well be my rant-o-machine that just decided to go on overdrive.
If you still haven't got indigestion I congratulate you. And these are just a couple of things you should be knowing:

  • This blog used to be known as 'Cascades Of Dreams'. 
  • If you comment please at least give your name. All the spam like ones (that is the ones that get me irritated) will be deleted without second thought.
  • I know that I have placed a button called 'Add me to your circles'. So even if you add me the chances of me getting back to you are extremely less. The reason is that some weird creeps add me and send weird pictures when I add them back. So I am completely totally telling you that adding me via my blog would be useless.
  • I love getting comments. It doesn't even take that much time, does it? So just typing something nice on your keyboard will be appreciated.
  • HATE Triskaidekaphobics. I love 13. I was born on 13th of the 12th month.
  • I am weird. If you don't like it I don't care. I am not running a makeup blog or a 'I-am-going-to-try-and-make-you-smile' blog or a typical teenage blog. If you can't put up with my uncoolness I have no issues. 
  • Thank you for putting up with me.

I guess I have changed a lot in these two years. I am no longer a person that the old me would probably even recognize. But somehow, that is a remotely cool thing. Because I think I have changed for the better.
I have grown up as a person. I have actual friends. I actually can have conversations with people without looking down at my shoes.
And well, I began college at the age of 15. So, yeah that is probably a mention-able thing.
So yeah, this edit needed to e here. And I didn't wanna mess with the old me's work because she is introducing who she was. I am introducing who I am.


  1. Just went through your post..
    Every one is unique in some way and so you are.. Love your uniqueness which will lead to a sense of self satisfaction..


  2. Well thanks, I guess I am unique in a weirdish, self independent way.

  3. Don't worry I know how it feels to be alone, I do forget what is expected of me to. You are not alone. You are unique and special. You are never alone, If you need to talk about anything, I am in your circles on G+. Please private post me if you need to talk about anything. I mean anything at all I don't care what it is.

  4. Really it's the weirdest post I have read here so far but I love it! Gonna visit your blog everyday ( I think ) You really made me smile with this Post

    1. You made me smile with that comment! Thanks!

  5. You may be weird but being different is a good thing. Just continue to be you.
    Dormaine G.

  6. You are such a unique writer. :)
    I love your style of writing.
    its ethnic and beautiful.
    Check out my blog: www.indianteenspeak.blogspot.in
    PS: I'm extremely weird like you! ;P

  7. My best friend has the same birthday as you ;)

  8. Omg you get to move around? Lucky! I've been in the same place for 14 years (which is how many years I've been alive), and that may sound good, but it isn't. I think I'm supposed to have loads of friends and an attachment to this place by now, but I don't. I REALLY want to move to Atlanta, Georgia and just start over, but my dad doesn't want to move :/ I have issues talking to people, I'm super self-concious about EVERYTHING, down to the way I breathe (I'm not even kidding) so I know how it feels to think that you're the weirdest person ever. But these days, I just force myself (really hard) not to obsess over my weirdness, or else I'm gonna get sick to my stomach (that's actually literally happened to me before)

    omg...why did I write this freaking long comment...and make this whole thing about me...I'm so sorry...I think I just started writing and then couldn't stop...O_o :P

    1. The thing is, moving around gets exhausting after a while. Its like carrying your life around in a bag pack. And I have made piece with my weirdness. :)

  9. I find it hard to believe that you are 14. Your writing is so interesting and oddly...mature in its brutal honesty. Take it from someone who is legally an adult and doesn't know how to be one. Just for the record, weird is good. It almost becomes an advantage sometimes. Keep writing. I'll keep reading


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