Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stuck in an extra-small dress in a mall with no money and no mom

I probably just broke the world record for longest post title ever. Its probably longer than most of my posts.
Yes. I know. I do not write much. And I am not even going to pretend that anybody cares to read. I have no energy to vigorously canvass for attention and blog surf and comment and publicize. I genuinely have no issues if nobody reads. I am happy in my little attic blog that very few people see.
Besides I have been busy. The only reason i go home is to eat dinner and sleep. I cannot remember the last time i did homework at home. I just blindly copy.
Also, as the title mentioned, I have been having pretty amusing adventures. I sang one day at a club with friends. Nobody was listening and my friend got pissed. And you do not want to piss off that specific friend of mine. She sang with the mike in her mouth. And it was LOUD. Nobody had a choice then. She later thanked everyone for their unwavering attention. And when we are asked to do a danceable song, she played the air electric guitar and hair flipped. I shook a homemade shaker so hard that it suddenly rained mustard seeds all over. *sigh*. Good times. Good times.
Then my very awesome friend and I went book shopping with another friend who happens to have a good looking brother. (That has no part to play in the story except to annoy the latter friend. Muahahahahahaha). I lost my way to the book shop and went to right place and got lost again. I wasted about sixty rupees and was highly embarrased. Then I reached the book shop and couldn't find my friends even though they right in front of me. The book shop guy was pretty amused at my misery and insisted that my friends were right there in the book shop and hadn't abandoned me to wander aimlessly across the city with a nearly empty wallet. I found them eventually and they laughed at my sad sad story. Then me and awesome friend went to the mall to stare at good looking guys and eat. That was the sad occation where I found myself hopelessly stuck in a dress. With absolutely no way to pay for it if it tore. After about ten minutes, I emerged successfully, with a red face, untorn dress, and awesome friend laughing her butt off.
So, yeah. I think that's pretty much an honest summary of my adventures. Now, I am travelling alone in a train and most of my friends are convinced that I will probably end up on the other side of the country. I determined to prove them wrong. Buh-bye.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The seer

She doesn't touch art,
She breathes it in,
The heady scent of beauty.

The observer watches closely. But from a distance. Her eyes graze over the poetry. Words that she could never string together. The clatter of footfall of distracted hearts never distracted her.

She stood still as the world moved around her.
She couldn't be bothered by it anymore.
The entire building's heart beat as one.
Words bled through her fingers
Like a child trying to hold onto water.
They slipped away.
But she couldn't be bothered anymore.
The world was gone anyway.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Days like these

Yeah, well I apologize. I got caught up in life. But then life has been bad. So here I am back again. In the sedative realities of internet.
But I am not here to whine so here goes the first rant in nearly six months.
I can't even rant anymore. I used to love ranting. It used to be such a comforter. Its like the rant part of my brain shut down and was usurped by horrible poetry and mournful observing. Observation. Pah.
Well, the whole sleep business has been slightly alien to me recently. I still have sleep from January to catch up on. These three months have been anything but remotely friendly to me.
I created a band in school. I got murdered by nearly every teacher. For not asking their goddamned permission for starting a band. So, in the end I still get dirty glares from every single teacher. Education in India is just seriously messed up. You would think I was dealing drugs in school. Brrr.
Anyway after weeks of being tortured, we finally ended up performing a song in school. So, yeah. To sum it up, we forgot to ask for permission, we get cancelled, principal reinstated us, we carry around heavy instruments up and down three floors about 6 times, we perform epic-ly well, we get cancelled again, we are heartbroken, we cry (I cry), we get reinstated again, we perform pretty okay-ly, we are still hated by a breed known as teachers.
On close heels followed horrid exams. Even teachers didn't have any idea what to do and just assigned us to study pretty much everything we learnt this year. And that was not good news because:

  • I can't find the texts
  • I can't find the notes
  • I can't even understand whether its in German. Or Latin. Or in the whereabouts.
  • I can't remember what I had for breakfast, let alone commercial principles from 1912.
So, that was another one of screwed up accomplishments of the year. And like that, this awesome yet magical and really, really hard 9th grade came to an end. And next year is *drum roll* the year of all years: TENTH GRADE. The scary board examinations that we have been preparing all our lives for. Shivers. I no longer have a summer vacation. Farewell, days of joy and frolic and fun. Hello, cramming.
Until next time.....