Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tis not the Season

So, I decided to break my 'Observer' series because:

  • I am exhausted. Its basically impossible to whip up ten posts instantly in a row. I have been staying up till crazy times just to get the posts to resemble English.
  • Today's post needs at least 24 hours more of work
As always, Christmas is yet another holiday that I have a major problem with.

Yeah, yeah. Go ahead, murder me. Imagine my face on one of those punch-the-people-you-hate games until my virtual self has no teeth left. Pin my face next to Hitler and shoot steel-tipped darts into it. Break into my house at night, kidnap me and then pull out each hair from my follicle and poke out my eyeballs and get leeches to suck my blood out.
Yeah. I know. I am a world renowned sadist who hates anything that is generally liked and is awesome. But, somehow the holiday cheer never really gets to me. Maybe because:

  • Christmas is yet another of the highly commercialized festivals. Its all about money, money, money and more money. And we are all so willing to part with it because, of course we need a Santa Claus cap and yes of course we need to light up the whole house and waste an enormous amount of electricity and we obviously need to buy gifts for everyone on the freaking planet!!!
  • WE CUT DOWN TREES!! How can you cut down so many tree just to adorn them with tinsel and glitter and angels!! Trees give us oxygen! SAVE TREES!!!!
  • The food. I blow up like a balloon every year around Christmas because of the unashamed pigging out that I never will be able to cease. Just how can a person say no to cakes?
  • JESUS WASN'T EVEN BORN ON DECEMBER 25th!! Biblical evidence proves it. 
I can feel the hate boiling down from the screen. But today, I am not here to write about why I don't like Christmas. Its to write about what I do.
Because Christmas is not about religion. Its about family. And bonds. And friendship.
It is about the carolling well into the night. About lalalala-ing when you can't remember the lyrics of 'Silent Night'. It is about yelling 'Merry Christmas' to random stranger. It is about the one day you can scream without getting arrested for public disturbance. It is about hugging people you hardly know and holding sane conversations with them. It is about getting drenched in snow spray and gagging.
It is about the happiness. 


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