Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Time changed

The observer gazed despondently at the clock. Her dark eyes filled with tears as she watched the hands of the clock approaching the time. She balled up her little fists and wiped the drops as they slowly cascaded down her face. She willed time not to move. She did not want to finally say goodbye. Not again. She didn't think she could say good bye to her soul mate, her alter ego, her shadow.
No. He was more than a shadow. A shadow disappeared in the light. A shadow wouldn't watch her back for her.
He was much more than that. He was the light that kept away the darkness that slowly creeped everyday. He was the person who taught her that being different was in no way wrong. That being different was never bad, that being teased or disagreed with just because you are different wasn't bad. It was good. He taught her that the light was flitting, temporary. That eventually, darkness would come back. All the wisdom that emanated from his tiny, 7 year old body was better than anything the observer had heard in her short life.
And she didn't want to lose her teacher.
But time ticked faster than ever and before she could realise, her best friend was gone.

The observer's eyes flitted across the clock every few seconds. She gazed distractedly at the person sitting in front of her. Words grazed up her throat as she forced a grin. Polite remarks, sounds of awe, exclamations. Lies. Lies. All lies. All feinted interest.
Time refused to move. Seconds seemed to take hours as she watched her childhood friend drawl out his latest inconsequential achievements. Like she even cared. The observer usually enjoyed staring at a tin of room freshener. She would do anything to get away now,
She watched. She didn't want to because all she could see was the hollow of what had once existed. Of the brilliant boy who could sprout philosophy that could change the world. But it he who had changed.
And left her alone too.
Tears trickled down her face and she ran.

The observer now knows. Time changes everything.


  1. Wow! You are such a talented writer it is unreal. Can you come and take my english writing exam for me haha. Great blog, incredibly professional. I would love it if you could check out my blog a follow and any feedback you have would mean so much :)

    1. Well, I am genuinely tempted to. For some reason, I just love taking exams. (Weird manifestation of OCD). Thanks ! :)

  2. That was amazing real talent right there! XD


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