Monday, December 29, 2014

The smile

The observer splayed onto an empty seat on the bus. She had heard sniggering as she slowly dragged her school bag, her nose buried in another book. She ignored the remarks. She had learnt to block out all this. She had learnt to live in another world.
But today, even the snarky comments had been delivered without enthusiasm. Mondays took out the meanness even in the meanest.
She turned her back to them, and watched from the window. It was a cold, grey morning and the observer, wearing just a thin blazer shivered as the winter wrapped its frigid arms around her. The windows of the bus remained stubbornly open despite the desperate attempts made by all those who miserably shivered as the wind lashed their faces.
The observer saw that the whole city was affected by the chill. Fires had been lit at street corners and men and women huddled over the dismal flames as they trudged to work.
Suddenly the battered bus freaked to a halt. The observer looked up in surprise, here's had always been the last stop before school. As she watched a little girl hopped on, her face flushed from the cold.
Little was the only proper explanation for her. She was hardly 4 foot tall. She was slightly plump and her face was sparkling with an energy that nobody around her seemed to possess.
The observer realized with a jolt that the tiny, elf-like being was in high school too. She gaped at her she yanked a gargantuan bag behind her and plunked down beside.
"Hi!!!", the girl yelled and the observer shook in her seat. She offered her a tiny hand and went on to offer the whole tale of her life until that point. After a weak handshake, the observer leaned back in her seat, nearly blinded by the near literal ray of sunshine sat next to her.
Until someone yelled from the back, "Keep it down, tiny! And try and stay away from weirdo!".
The observer instantly ignored the taunt. Suddenly, a little red cannonball shot past and punched the owner of the offending voice.
And then the tiny girl was back in her seat, dusting herself off as though nothing had happened.
The observer turned to her.
She was gifted with a smile that she knew was going to stay with her forever.
Her smiles were like sunshine. Blindingly beautiful.

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