Sunday, December 21, 2014

Her eyes

Her eyes. Don't look into her eyes.
They will lure you in like Pandora to her box.
You see her eyes and you fall into them.
You trip over the rim of golden black
That circles her irises.
You fall into
The glittery ebony that they are.
Eyes that sparkle like diamonds
In a night sky.
Don't look into her eyes.
You will never
Be able to claw your way out of them.
You will never swim
Out of their swampy darkness.
The biting bitterness.
The soft tears.
You will drown
In her pain.
Because her eyes whisper the tales
Her lips never will.

This observer of the universe has lost her way in these eyes. The observer has drowned in these eyes. This observer is irretrievably scarred. But this observer speaks.

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