Sunday, December 14, 2014


So. Yesterday was my birthday. I am officially fifteen.
So by all technicalities I am supposed to write a post about how magical and awesome it was and how being fifteen has suddenly given me a new perspective on life and some emotional crap like that. But as we all know, I am horrible with emotions. And I probably would melt into a puddle of happy tears if I recall how much I love my friends for all they have done for me. So I won't. But to all those who have put up with my insanity for as long as you have, I love you all. You make this life good.
So. Yeah. I won't talk about how they baked a cake that took me 10 minutes to cut up (my friend assured me it was not cardboard) or melted the butter with a cricket bat (Don't ask. Something about kinetic energy translating into heat) or how they mixed chocolate by hand while one of them claimed in a video for "an electronic hand-mixer" or how they forgot to take the camera and had to run half way back to get it or how they gifted me a pack of semi-frozen milk (Something about purity. Again, don't ask) or about thirteen orange dahlias (I never knew this before but dahlias are my favorite. I was in a class called dahlia when I was a kid and it just means a lot to me) and a motion sensing lamp that my friend promptly dropped or a card with a tulip or any symbolism.
I loved yesterday. It felt unreal. Like a dream. I still expect myself to wake one day and land back in August. Or June. Back to the friendless lonely soul whose best friend was a tree. (I am not kidding. I call him Sebastian or Seb for short. He is an awesome tree. You should meet him too.) Sometimes I don't even like the fact that I have so many friends nowadays. I have to smile at people and that is a problem because I don't usually see people because I am lost in my head and people tend to get offended because of that. And I don't really like to smile all that much. I just have too much fun. People know me.
Everyone is usually nice to me. I became really good friends with people who I had only known from a distance. I can threaten to kill people who I didn't even have the guts to talk to last year. I am in charge of stuff.
I really want to thank people for that.
The rainbow in a world without colors.
The walking ray of sunshine who thinks that everything that breathes is awesome.
The fangirl who scarily shares many traits with me.
The light blue who takes a long time to understand even direct insults.
The one whom you can insult and will never get insulted.
The quizzer who has no issues with being painfully blunt.
The sane one who still hasn't run away from me.
And to you all, you make this world a better place. Thank you. 


  1. How I love all your write-ups! I love them!! I wnat to come up to your level, honey :) Greatly done, again!


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