Friday, November 21, 2014


What's family? The ones that can hurt you, betray you and still make you happy.
Family is not just about blood. Its about the bonds. The little joys and the sorrows that are shared. Its about keeping little secrets. About those white lies, just to keep the other from hurting. Its those broken dishes and the badly aimed balls that crack beloved artifacts. Its being able to read minds by just looking at each other, by the twitch of an eye, the tremors in the smile. It is knowing that something is wrong without any words. Its those bear hugs that nearly crack your ribs and leave you breathless. Its about the sign language, the personalized vocabulary, the inside jokes.
Family is about the broken hearts. It is about the poison in the words. Its about those remarks that are so sharp that they can dig deep holes. It is about not always believing in each other. Its about wondering whether you will ever make it. It is about hating the ones you love with such and intensity that you can feel your heart explode. They are the ones who really know how out of control you are. How stupid, insensitive and beautiful you can be.
Family is about a group of people who hang on together from one crisis to the next.
Its about wondering why you are still sane. Its about crying so much that you feel hollow. Its about the cool hands that caress your forehead as you lie still, spent. Its about the people who can make you forget about the biggest hurt. They are also the ones who can hurt you the most.
Family is what makes us human. 

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