Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Okay. Here I am. (Warning: the writer is pretty sick and out of her mind at the time of writing.)
Hello.  Yes I know. Its been a while.  I promise,  I haven't been slacking off. In fact I have been very,  very, very busy. I am so exhausted that I get most of my sleep during classes. My mind too is working overtime.  To top it all,  I am as sick as a dog. (Wait, that is wrong. Dogs are usually pretty happy and healthy.  Maybe I am as sick as a sick dog. But then wouldn't it be more appropriate to say as sick as a sick person.)
I got new glasses.  My vision's pretty much messed up right now.  All the walls are crooked and stairs look longer than they are. I tripped at least 5 times at school yesterday.  But that is not much of a record for me.  If anything that is better than usual. A couple of days ago I was walking down this stupid ramp thing that our school has built and I nearly landed on my butt in front of nearly half the school. I nearly fell backwards from the stairs laughing. I also jammed my fingers in my bathroom door and kicked down a handle on my door.  I didn't mean to really.
Coming back to my glasses. They are really big. And full framed. And black.  My eyes are so bad that I can't even see the frame while trying them on. Also I had been accompanied by my father who is not exceptionally talented at making sure that I don't look like a coyote.  I also got a haircut the day I got my glasses which ensured that I look little like the slightly introverted nerd that I usually am. Instead I look like a crazed scientist who stuck her finger into a socket.  In school uniform.

I got an awful lot of chocolate yesterday. I pigged out completely.  I won't even pretend to be on a diet any more.  I keep on trying to enforce this healthy eating thing. My parents go ahead and purchase some delicious junk right then. Or my friends give out a treat.  Or I happen to have money when I am starving.  Healthy eating goes out of the window. Its like the universe is against me being fit. *sighs*
I have a bazillion tests tomorrow.  My parents are trying to convince me not to go to school. It is all very tempting but I have already missed lots of tests (courtesy my piano exam which I messed up pretty bad and an awesome quiz which too I messed up) and begging teachers for retests is just exhausting.  I have been, in a quest for retests,  unfairly accused of being rude, lazy and slacking off.  It has been almost 6 months since I enjoyed a lunch break by doing nothing but eating lunch.  Ugh.
So, I plan to do one more post this month.  I hope it comes.  Tootle pips!

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