Sunday, October 26, 2014


Maybe, someday, we will find our place in this universe.  Maybe, we will find our home where the mermaids sing and call out to you. Maybe, it will be besides the sea girls who dance to the oceans melodies. Maybe its in the shadow of the sun, where the tongues of the flame taunt you, tickle you.
Someday we will learn to breath as we drown in sorrow, in happiness. Someday we will no longer have to be afraid.
Maybe under the shimmering light of the stars, we will find our long lost dreams. Maybe we will find our way back home,  back to the embrace of hope.
Perhaps we are still on the right way. Maybe, the earth's still round.  Maybe time can still heal our broken hearts, our scraped knees, our scars. Maybe, it will be okay. 


  1. Really love your blog. beautiful writing.

  2. That was really good lovin your blog


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