Sunday, October 26, 2014


Maybe, someday, we will find our place in this universe.  Maybe, we will find our home where the mermaids sing and call out to you. Maybe, it will be besides the sea girls who dance to the oceans melodies. Maybe its in the shadow of the sun, where the tongues of the flame taunt you, tickle you.
Someday we will learn to breath as we drown in sorrow, in happiness. Someday we will no longer have to be afraid.
Maybe under the shimmering light of the stars, we will find our long lost dreams. Maybe we will find our way back home,  back to the embrace of hope.
Perhaps we are still on the right way. Maybe, the earth's still round.  Maybe time can still heal our broken hearts, our scraped knees, our scars. Maybe, it will be okay. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Okay. Here I am. (Warning: the writer is pretty sick and out of her mind at the time of writing.)
Hello.  Yes I know. Its been a while.  I promise,  I haven't been slacking off. In fact I have been very,  very, very busy. I am so exhausted that I get most of my sleep during classes. My mind too is working overtime.  To top it all,  I am as sick as a dog. (Wait, that is wrong. Dogs are usually pretty happy and healthy.  Maybe I am as sick as a sick dog. But then wouldn't it be more appropriate to say as sick as a sick person.)
I got new glasses.  My vision's pretty much messed up right now.  All the walls are crooked and stairs look longer than they are. I tripped at least 5 times at school yesterday.  But that is not much of a record for me.  If anything that is better than usual. A couple of days ago I was walking down this stupid ramp thing that our school has built and I nearly landed on my butt in front of nearly half the school. I nearly fell backwards from the stairs laughing. I also jammed my fingers in my bathroom door and kicked down a handle on my door.  I didn't mean to really.
Coming back to my glasses. They are really big. And full framed. And black.  My eyes are so bad that I can't even see the frame while trying them on. Also I had been accompanied by my father who is not exceptionally talented at making sure that I don't look like a coyote.  I also got a haircut the day I got my glasses which ensured that I look little like the slightly introverted nerd that I usually am. Instead I look like a crazed scientist who stuck her finger into a socket.  In school uniform.

I got an awful lot of chocolate yesterday. I pigged out completely.  I won't even pretend to be on a diet any more.  I keep on trying to enforce this healthy eating thing. My parents go ahead and purchase some delicious junk right then. Or my friends give out a treat.  Or I happen to have money when I am starving.  Healthy eating goes out of the window. Its like the universe is against me being fit. *sighs*
I have a bazillion tests tomorrow.  My parents are trying to convince me not to go to school. It is all very tempting but I have already missed lots of tests (courtesy my piano exam which I messed up pretty bad and an awesome quiz which too I messed up) and begging teachers for retests is just exhausting.  I have been, in a quest for retests,  unfairly accused of being rude, lazy and slacking off.  It has been almost 6 months since I enjoyed a lunch break by doing nothing but eating lunch.  Ugh.
So, I plan to do one more post this month.  I hope it comes.  Tootle pips!

Monday, October 13, 2014


Sometimes, things just don't make sense.
Sometimes, dying is the only thing that makes us alive.
Sometimes, falling is the only way to learn to fly.
Sometimes, not running away is the cowardly thing to do.
Sometimes, fears help us conquer them.
Sometimes, silence is louder than words.
Sometimes, the light is dark.
Sometimes, lies are better than the truth.
Sometimes, hurt is better than happiness.
Sometimes, losing is more important.
Sometimes, time doesn't heal anything.
Sometimes, we break and put ourselves to gether again.
Sometimes, magic really does exist.
Sometimes, we will find the one who is meant to be.
Sometimes, things don't make sense.
But they do exist.
But they are real.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Okay here goes absolutely nothing. 
My life is unimaginably busy. I have been living on very,very little sleep lately. Sleep has almost become an alien concept to me now. I have been running up and down like a bunny on permanent sugar rush. I have been driving my sane best friend (crazy best friend is not a best friend {or a friend} anymore but I will continue to refer to sane best friend as sane best friend) crazy. 
In school we had this street play competition. The various houses were pitted against each other and we all had to write, direct and perform a street play on the various problems that we face in Kerala. My house picked Waste Management and handed me the responsibility of writing the script. At first my reaction was"Yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" but it was only later I realised that an actual functional script featuring almost 30 high schoolers can be pretty hard. 
First functional practise- Most people didn't even understand what was going on. It mainly involved me shouting out instructions that were quite conveniently ignored by everyone.
Panic ensues. 
Major script rewrite. (Work on it from 2 to 7 in the night with friends. Stay up all night to complete it) 
Second functional practise- Scarily resembles the first one. I am on the verge of an emotional breakdown after yelling at two pessimistic idiots.
Gigantic script rewrite. (Abandon the idea of sleep)
Third functional practise- We make a human pyramid. Huzzah.
Fourth practise- I nearly murder everyone.
Final script rewrite. The script finally starts to resemble a script. I do my victory dance and cry a few tears of joy.
Day of performance- Everything goes horribly during practise. Our teachers beg, appeal and threaten us. Everybody runs around helter-skelter. Suddenly we realise that we don't have any placards or posters. I hunt down everyone who has more functional artistic skill than mine (=stick figures and purple faces). Our music has the same co-ordination as two clocks on opposite sides of the world. 

Actual performance- Nobody trips. Nobody forgets there lines. I mean I forgot everything but I improvised and nobody even noticed. I didn't puke. One of our headgears exploded right before we placed it on somebody's head. We had to pick its carcass later. Our music doesn't suck. And people actually do laugh at our jokes. I AM ON TOP OF THE WORLD. I tell everyone that it doesn't matter even if we didn't win because we had so much fun doing it.
But we actually did win.

(Screams ultrasonically) 
(Hugs everyone)
(Does a victory dance)
(Cries a few tears of joy)
(Hyperventilates a couple times)

We were ecstatic. I danced on my way back home.

Other reasons for me being catatonically busy include:
  • Piano exams- I just finished my pieces today. I still sound pretty horrid but my sir tells me that I will pass. Fair enough.
  • Short story writing competition-I have writer's block. Nothing I write sounds good. I re-wrote my story thrice.
  • Brother's birthday- He is four. I can't believe it. Time is literally slipping away from my hands.
  • Quizzes- I actually don't suck at it. I still can't believe it.
Above given are the reasons why I don't write much. But I will make it up. I swear. I am planning to do a blog-o-marathon but that depends on whether or not my brain stops getting so distracted 24/7.
Anyway, until then........
(falls asleep on the keyboard and wakes up in a pool of drool and QWERTY etched on my face)
Goodnight. I need sleep.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mayday !!

Help. Help. Rescue my blog.  It is dying.  I am so busy that I can't even remember to breath. The world has suddenly started spinning way to fast. It also may have fallen out its axis for all that has become of my life. It is a little blurry around the edges and the colours are a little too bright. Otherwise it is great.  Awesome.  Awesome ness redefined. So if someone can guest post for me it will become more awesome.  I will do a writing marathon next week.  Until then however,  farewell.