Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Pain is a curious thing.
Its unpleasant.
But If you concentrate enough, there won't be any of it.
It leaves you numb.
And craving for more.
After sometime, it never really stops.
There is no ending to how much you want.
You hurt yourself.
Just for satisfaction.
For a sense a justice.
Knowing no longer matters.
It sustains you, the hurt.
You fall, knowing you will scrape your knees.
You jump, knowing there is no ground.
You know you are going to cry,
But sometimes that is better.
To cry.
To let the dam of sorrow to break free.
To feel alone, betrayed.
To feel alive today.
No tomorrows left for us,
Just drowning in what we have left.


  1. Let it go....!!
    tears with pain...
    unlikely no gain...

  2. As the famous line goes, pain demands to be felt.

    Personally, pain for me is an essential part of growing and becoming better. Great one!


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