Wednesday, September 17, 2014


In the end,
All we are is afraid.
We are shivering,
Petrified hollows of what we were
A long time ago.
We are transparent,
We are shadows in a world without colour.
We are scared of the hurt,
The scars, the pain that never goes away.
We are scared by the
Hands held out to us,
Of love that could go wrong
About how much people care.
We can't remember who we were,
That once our eyes were filled with hope.
We are afraid of breathing,
Of not breathing,
Of caring, of not caring.
We are afraid of happiness.
In the end,
All we want is someone
To believe in.
Someone to destroy the monsters
Under our bed
And the ones in our heads.
Someone to hold us at night
And keep us alive.

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