Friday, August 29, 2014


A friendship dying is like a fire fizzling out.

You remember how the sparks were. Slow, hesitant afraid. But they existed. And they wanted to burn, become a raging fire.

The sparks lived. They caught. They shined.

The fire became a warm heart. One that comforted you everyday.

It becomes your life source. It becomes the reason why you are alive. The reason you wake up everyday.

The fire becomes too large. All-consuming. Too strong. 

You try to rescue it. But it has already consumed the bonds.

It calms down, cools down to embers.You blow at them, you try to save them. but its too late.

And then the whole things explodes.

And then it dies out.

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  1. Cool...I really liked the way you tied in the pictures :)


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