Sunday, August 31, 2014

Face Planting on Stages and Other Interesting Rants

I give up. My writing has deteriorated so much that I can't even understand what I bother to write. It helps that I was feeling down a lot. And when I was not feeling down, my head was all over the place. It is like my mind has decided to tear itself apart and go in about thirty different directions at once. Is that even possible? I mean I really am thinking of a billion different thoughts at the same time. My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into galaxies.
But I have decided to rant. My life is very, very crazy. Craziness redefined. And the fact that I have exams does not even play a minor part of it. Speaking of which, WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING IN FRONT OF A COMPUTER WITH YOUTUBE, BLOGGER AND CHOCOLATE WHEN I HAVE A THREE HOURS LONG PAPER ON MALAYALAM TOMORROW!! Malayalam makes as much sense to me German does at this point in time. And I barely know any German other than 'Deutsch'.
My brain can't concentrate on anything anymore. I stare out of the window randomly, daydreaming. If I was distracted before then I probably don't even have any words to describe the span of concentration I have nowadays. I make up stories in my head while I am writing descriptions about the earth's core or the constitution. My fantasy life is extremely rich. I love living in my head. Even though physically that could be impossible. Still, I try.
Tomorrow is Teachers' Day in our school. Since our exams are going on, the captains were told not to do dances, songs, skits or short plays. Basically anything interesting. So the captain, in despair asked us whether we could do anything, or whether we had any ideas. My hand instantly shot up, before my brain could even process it. He looked expectantly at me and I grudgingly told him that I had written a poem for a teacher ages ago. He told me to bring it. And that's how I ended up having to recite a pathetic poem of mine on stage tomorrow. Though, knowing me, I won't even reach the stage. I will probably land face-first on the stairs first, probably break my nose, and read out my poem with blood leaking out of it. At least people won't notice how horrible my poem really is.
We had a cultural fest in between. That WAS THE MOST FUN I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!!! We went to this school that was a seven hours journey away and we all enjoyed so bloody much! We teased one of our seniors. We dared him either to call a girl who had a crush on him or to name five people he had crushes on. In desperation he started naming all the girls around him as his crushes. I was sitting next to him and staring out of the window. Suddenly he tapped my shoulder and told me that he had a crush on me. I had not been concentrating on the conversation and did not even understand. I had this look on my face which probably resembles the one deer get when they are caught in the headlights. Everybody burst out laughing at my incredulous reaction and someone told the guy to leave poor me alone.
I will be writing a more detailed report o the cultural fest (full of twists, drama, action, adventure blah, blah, blah).
PS We kinda lost. Some girls started crying but I was perfectly fine one ice cream later. Chocolate ice cream should be proclaimed as a magical substance.
I bought a new school bag. Its got a scooter and a guy's picture on it. I don't think he likes me much. he keeps looking at the other direction. But the bag is very awesome. It is got this bag cover which protects it form the rain. Whoo-hooo! No more drenched books. I show off the rain cover to everyone I see, in a vain attempt to get them to be jealous. It hasn't worked so far, but let's see.


  1. We're all crazy here. :D
    You've got an interactively cute blog.

  2. Oui.It's just a phase.two years from where you are, I'm still void.


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