Thursday, August 28, 2014


There is so much beauty in in getting caught in the rains.
There is an edge of tiredness in the air that makes everybody irritable and angry. Everyone can feel the exhaustion creeping on them as they trudge home. You look up and you know it's going to pour but you clasp your fingers and you pray. But when the drops start falling, a smile comes up. You can feel the happiness when the winds buffet you, the drops caress you as they leave you. You hear your friend screaming in delight as the wind attempts to steal the umbrella. You walk together, not caring if you get wet anymore because, it was worth it. Seeing her smile, laughing till it hurt, running behind the upturned umbrella, holding her hand.
The sky was gorgeous in the morning, so beautiful that it almost hurt. The sky was dark and blue and sunny and deep, all at the same time. There were angry clouds dominating the sky But there was bright blue light shining right behind them. It was like a picture that is too perfect, so perfect that it doesn't look real. The sky was too dark, the blue in it too piercing, the sunlight too bright. It was just too beautiful.
There is happiness in drowning. In not being able to breathe. In smiling too much even when you tell yourself that you probably look like a weird moron. In feeling the world is spinning too fast, too out of control. In seeing way too many colours. In wiping tears of others. In being there and caring. In being worried whether you're cared about. In falling even though you tell yourself that you are going to get hurt, that you are going to end up crying. In dancing when no one is watching. In singing even though you can't sing. In not caring about what others think. In laughing till it hurts. In feeling like the world is about to crash down on you.
An old lullaby. A song you have not heard in a long time but still know the lyrics of. Winds that make your hair fly, tickle the faces of other. Laughing about something that happened a long time ago. Feeling like you have known someone forever. Like your heart is about to explode. Feeling alive again.
That's the real beauty in this world.

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