Monday, August 4, 2014


(Makes a nonchalant face).
Yeah. I get it. I have been lazy. You do not have to digitally reproach me for that, dear computer. Niranjana happened to be busy the previous week. (And lazy too, but she won't admit it, ever). She also apologises for the scrappy post she did the previous day, but she didn't actually do that up for anybody to read so........
Projects (uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh), tests (*repeats*), mock interview, quiz, obliteration of certain friendships, makeshift suicide helpline, free child labour for school, amateur piano, falling and tripping on flat ground, abandonment by family for a week, crap essays in Malayalam, etc. are among the highlights of my previous week. Also we observed Kargil day at school which is sort of a war memorial. All the junior captains had to hold a candle which was fixed onto a cardboard piece so as to avoid the hot wax from the burning our fingers (hint hint, I did burn my fingers in the end). I set fire to my piece of cardboard and smouldered throughout the duration of the program and had to be stamped at later to prevent it from becoming an all consuming fire. PS I also partly burnt a calendar. Our captain's face was rather hilarious when I told him about the incident.
Walking to school has gotten increasingly impossible with the advent of the monsoon. I have to wade through overflowing sewers and broken canals. The ground of my school increasingly resembles a swimming pool. A muddy, dirty, pest infested swimming pool at that. I slip at least three times on a daily basis. My uniforms are perpetually wet and I am perpetually cold. Add to that the fact that my bag gets drenched no matter what I do:. The bag also happens to be torn at about 6 different places. I don't even know how  the he'll it is possible to friggin tear a bag in 2 months. Hey, it's not my fault.
 I have been selected to represent my school for the essay writing competition. So, I have to write essays on crappy topics every single day. Yesterday's topic was ' My First  Stage Performance'. My first stage performance involved me standing at the corner of the stage lifting handmade pom-poms.
On much better, much repeated and more interesting news my blog touched 10000 viewers. So, I have decided to post my pictures in order to scare away future visitors.

Yes, all those who expected me to look like I called Mars my home, I am sorry to inform you that I look like a functional human being. Note the key words 'look like'. Does not exactly mean that  I function like one.
Tootle pips!

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