Saturday, July 12, 2014


Hate. Rage. Hate. Anger.
He chanted in his mind.
Ground his teeth.
Tossed in his sleep.
Cried in the deep, dark, dreary, missing night.

She started out into the window,
Into the missing daylight.
She ran her hands through her scalp
Tossed her sunrise, moonlight curls.
Crashed onto another rocky night.

"Mommy, Mommy!", cried the child,
One hand full of petunias,
Other wrapped in a mother's blue fingers.
Tossing his flowers, he grabbed her
Trying to wake her from an eternal sleep.

He watched, clutching a cappuccino,
Not too hot, not too sweet.
He touched his wrinkles, recalling the
Tossed away years of a long over life
As he gazed at old, broken children.

The ship had set sail,
Over an ocean unknown, unseen.
Her sails were torn, hull broken,
Tossed as she was
Across paths yet to be found.

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