Sunday, June 29, 2014


So here I am. Sick. Tired. Sick and tired too.I have the world's biggest traffic jam in my nose so I can't breathe. I am talking with a voice that sounds like a crow that has been strangled. My mother said I sound like the singer I hate most. I have reached a point in my education where mathematics has stopped making any friggin kind of sense. And history. And geography is so increasingly boring that my eyes start tearing up with exertion from not letting them close. And I have become extremely unlucky recently. I have been injuring myself at an alarming rate. It is a surprise that I haven't reached the hospital. With multiple broken limbs, at least four sprains, head injury, broken nose, cut hands or third degree burns. But that's just the optimistic me speaking. Here goes the realist.
I have become so ridiculously clumsy that I don't thing I should left alone with anything that is even minutely dangerous i.e. pencils (I might poke myself in the eye with them), small things (lest they get stuck in my windpipe), electronics (I might electrocute myself), wires (I might strangle myself with them by mistake) yada yada. Most of these actually did happen, or are bound to happen soon enough. I have had a huge list of self made mistakes this week. I tripped seven times in a single day, three times as I was walking to school on absolutely flat ground, landed face first on the first step in school in front of a lot of people, once in the slippery ground of my school after which my feet were bestowed with clumps of dirt, once on a slope while coming from school (rescued by sane best friend), and landed on my knees in front of my house. The same day I managed to unknowingly doodle poetry on my school skirt. I also got hit by a basketball twice on my head, once on my nose. I poked myself with a pen about five times and refused to go near the kitchen fearful of any culinary injuries. Nevertheless, I burnt my hand by keeping it on a pot of really, really hot water. A couple of days before that I fell over a plastic cover that I inexplicably slipped on. I also tripped over a ladder that I had been standing guard to, so as to prevent anyone from falling over (irony). Is there some kind of record for this thing? Because I would win it hands down. Or I should say falling down.
While writing this post, I banged my skull on my bed's headboard about four times. I also got some glue on my feet and eyes. But for some reason I am insanely happy. Mad grin is plastered over my face.
I have for some weird reason attached a photo of my extremely clean desk in there. So, yeah.

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  1. Niranjana, You made me snicker myself silly! It's an exceptional creation, I must say! The music adds to the fabulous experience on this blog! Take care. Don't hurt yourself! :D


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