Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thanks for an award a lazy blogger doesn't deserve

After that long a title I am wondering whether or not to write anymore.
But then that is just the procrastinating part idiot of mine. At least I am going to have three posts in the whole May. I mean I lost time and unless I posts two posts ( = impossible) I can't have more. I had been planning to write two other posts, ( A: Consumerism in India B: How to manage psychotic friends).
Anyway I have been nominated for THE LIEBSTER AWARD. I am not gonna pretend that I have been hoping that somebody..... anybody would nominate me for it. I am not that modest. I can't. I have been nominated by Nymisha who writes this awesome blog called This Is Nymisha which I swear makes me burn with jealousy. Just kidding . But then not really. Have you noticed this phenomenon where people say just kidding but they really do mean what they say? So whenever anybody says just kidding THEY ARE NOT KIDDING. Your blog looks awesome though.

Now I am supposed to list out eleven random facts about me. Huh. I am so random that I doubt that there is anything left I haven't said. Here goes nothing though.

Eleven 'Random' Facts

  1.  I love to eat. 
  2. I generally get crazy carsick. Sometimes it gets so bad I don't let anybody even start the car. Or go above 10 mph.
  3. I am as blind as a bat without spectacles. The problem about spectacles is that you can't exactly keep them when you need to find them. So every morning I have to grope through my whole room to find them.
  4. I like the smell of rain more than rain.
  5. I have lived in 16 houses
  6. I have attended 8 schools. No, I didn't get kicked out of any.
  7. The first book I cried over was Mockingjay. The second one was The Fault In Our Stars. Each time I read The Fault In Our Stars I melt in to a puddle of tears and snot with an extremely red nose.
  8. I am finding this very, very hard
  9. I am currently listening to Shades of Cool by Lana Del ray and it is crazy cool.
  10. Almost done. Okay. I get awesome marks in science but I opted out of science and took commerce. I want to make a bit of change to the world and re-reading things people found out centuries ago may not help.
  11. I think water is extremely tasty. 
Okay. That's done. Phew.
Now here are Nymisha's questions to me. (Looks at the screen with wide frightened eyes)

Nymisha's Questions

    1. What is your favorite color? - Probably orange and purple and white.
    2. What or who is the best thing that ever happened to you? - My ex-best friend and my blog
    3. If you saw two people physically fighting on the road, what would you do? - Depends. Are they gonna kill each other? Are they just play-fighting? Is it a cat-fight?
    4. Do you believe in an afterlife? - The concept of heaven after life is kinda dumb. In that version you just do the same thing you used to love for eternity. I do believe in something after life though.
    5. If you could be any fictional character, who would you be? - I would have liked (LOVED) to be Hazel if Augustus had not died. Now I would prefer to be Tally from Uglies. She had a comparatively easier life than Katniss anyway.
    6. Let's say there was an opportunity for a dying person to live...but only if you volunteered to sacrifice your life. Would you? - It again a depends question. I would have sacrificed my life for my closest friends and family and maybe Augustus but the rest have to be considered first. I most definitely would not volunteer for the Hunger Games.
    7. Your house is on fire! What's the first thing you grab as you run out? - My brother. He is only three. So no matter how much he tears of the pages of my books he is the person I care most about in this world. Otherwise I would grab my Mp3.
    8. Do you like teaching things or learning things? - Learning, definitely. I suck at teaching.
    9. What's the one thing you've been dying to get your hands on?  - Some money. I want to get a thousand new books.
    10. You have exactly 1 day to live before you die. What would you do in that day? - Eat. Atleast I don't have to worry about becoming fat.
    11. What do you pick: stars or flowers? - Stars. They are are like flowers in skies. And they always remind of the song Stars by Grace Potter.
    I think I did pretty well on that didn't I?
    Now the Nominations.

    And the Nominees are.........

    Well, technically I am supposed to nominate 11 people. Virtually impossible. I will do as much as I can.

    Yeah. That's about it. Five. Now I have to ask them questions. Oh dear!

    Questions to the Nominees

    1. Who are you? (The philosophical side of the question)
    2. Who is your favorite person in this whole world?
    3. A book that makes you smile or cry?
    4. You can change the world. How will you?
    5. Favorite memory?
    6. Favorite blogs or bloggers?
    7. Chocolate or vanilla?
    8. What does freedom mean to you?
    9. If you could be anybody (including fictional characters) for a day, who would you be?
    10. Organised or disorganised?
    11. What makes you happy?
    Ouch. I know. They suck.
    So yeah. That's it. See you in the next century.
    PS- School reopens tomorrow. Can't wait.


    1. Oh my holy cow. Point 7 in random facts: The same here! I never actually kept track but after I read yours I'm just like...shiiit bro. And point 11: Yep, totally, absolutely agree with you.

      And as for more clarification in question 3 : They are going to kill each other. I want to know. What would you do?

      Stars by Grace Potter <3 Totally. Wish I could sing it though :/

      Lovely post. I enjoyed reading it :)

      1. Okay if they are gonna kill each other I would probably hit them on their heads with my lunchbox or a thick book and give them a 3 hour long lecture.
        And the thing books thing, I am pretty sure that both Suzanne Collins and John Green hate their readers.

    2. Oh wow, thanks a lot. I'm just finishing up today's post right now, but I'll get to this Liebster thing next post. This is so cool.
      Also, I do like your blog, you do deserve this award. :)

    3. Omg am nominated for an award ( jumping up and down), your blog is cool and do I have to answer the questions on my blog

    4. I think you are less lazier than me.


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