Saturday, June 14, 2014

Blah Blah Blah

Don't tell me that I didn't warn you. I quote directly from my previous post 'See you in the next century.' So at least be pleased that I am here before that.
I honestly swear, I am so busy that I don't even have time to day dream. Especially in school. You see I volunteered for something known as 'Junior Captaincy'. Don't let the name fool you. We do 5he equal (if not more)amount of work that (than) the senior ones do. At least I do. My friends have jolly time in the rain, gossiping. WHILE I RUN BEHIND ABSOLUTELY HATEFUL, BEASTLY 2nd graders. I don't know what has gotten into them. (The 2nd graders, not my friends. Though not one of them has paid as much as a little glance while I work my butt off.) All of kids were angels last year for the brief time I had worked there. But this year I have strong suspicions that the Satan has gotten into possess them. (Does Satan possess people? Or are those poltergists ('bracket inside bracket- mission accomplished.' Is the spelling correct?)?) They act like absolute jerks who have no respect for the fact that I AM 7 YEARS OLDER THAN THEM. (However on a similar context my brother is 11 years younger than me but still acts as if it was the other way around.) They run around somebody has set fire to their invisible tails. Then I have classes. Ah, absolutely horrid classes, welcome back into my top list of things I detest. Even though I opted out of science (Whoopeeeeeeeeeeeeeweeeeteeertteeffeeffeedffdedcsssd!!!! Best decision ever. Ever.) I still have to endure tortures called by the name of mathematics and geography. If it were up to me I would only have commerce and economics and drama and poetry and psychology and sociology and history for people to study. At least then it might teach them to be less of machines and more of humans (says the person who is addicted to bad reality shows and The Big Bang Theory).
I have been writing poetry like a...... a......... crazy poet. I produced about five in a week. It is the opposite of a writer's block. It like a pipe that has been stepped on for too long and now it is spewing up stuff like a broken candy machine with infinite candy granting capabilities.
In between I have a couple of debates too which I am pretty sure I will lose but trudge on unstopped.
I am having withdrawal symptoms. I haven't used my mp3 for 3 weeks and I am finding it very hard to get on without the matchbox size device by my side. A friend borrowed it. I need it. My dear mp3. My best friend.
Currently my best friend include my humongous SAT guide with which I fall asleep, my rough book covered with poetry, my pillow who hugs me, my wall with which I have philosophical discussions, my desk who I converse with and food. Oh, I have a very close relationship with food.
The good thing about junior captaincy is that nobody notices the fact that I have very, very few friends. It also makes me too busy to think about it.
The Fault in Our Stars comes here on July 2. Yaaay. I would have died if I had to wait for it to come on DVD. Yaaay Nymisha. I hope you are celebrating too.
I know that my post is quite idiotic. It helps that I have been frowning at my computer even when I was joking. Well. Anyway, tootlepips. Peace out, jerks.


  1. Hey, make sure you bring tissues to the "TFIOS" movie. No spoilers, but I've heard it's a tearjerker.

  2. WHAAAATT? JULY 2ND?! That's way earlier than I expected. Yaaaayy. Thanks for posting that; I hadn't a clue :3

  3. Matt, it is was away more than a tearjerker. Read the book you will understand. And let's celebrate Nymisha. I am considering cake.

  4. Junior captaincy used to be a treat for us.I'm pretty sure you'll start loving it and wanting to do it soon.

  5. Its nice reading ur blog!
    Waiting for more!


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