Monday, May 12, 2014


Okay now. I officially proclaim myself as the biggest lazy in the world. Wait, that sounded all wrong. I proclaim myself to be the laziest person in the world. Definitely better. Anyway I also proclaim myself to be a number of other things namely:
  • Worst friend
  • Worst daughter
  • Worst dieter
  • Worst person at remembering what she is worst at.
Yeah. Pathetic.  I know. 
Anyway I would like to say something. All these sentences took half an hour to come out me. I also confess to having read two chapters of a rather large book in between. Currently my biggest problem is that my vocabulary is not large enough.  So by devouring any book I van find I hope to improve it as drastically as it can.
Today I have decided to talk about ...........................................
I have no idea what to talk about. Okay random selection: I will talk about myself. Haha. That was just to imagine the mortified expressions on your faces and the question,  "What exactly were you doing all what this time?". Anyway I have decided what to talk about after all.
And it is about my inability to finish anything I started. (I just realised that this is talking about myself but , mnah who cares?) And here is my pretty impressive list of incomplete things.
  • Piano (Started it again for 6th time in 3 years)
  • Drawing (Stopped when I realised my degree of 'patheticness' in it)
  • Roller skating (Studied for about a year and quite when I couldn't take any more topples.
  • Dance (Started and stopped about ten times over)
  • Karate (Learnt it for a year at school. I actually was pretty good fighting with sticks.  But then I am just being modest)
  • Drums (Learnt for a month. I had fight for the drumsticks and we had to time the time one person could practise)
  • Guitar (Taught to me by an even lazier friend and stopped when he stopped learning too)
  • Singing (Stopped when I realised that my voice was never going to be better than that of a braying donkey.
  • Dance (I started it so many times that it should be worth more than one mention.  Stopped when I realised that an elephant in a tutu could dance infinitely better.
  • Abacus (Pathetic redefined was more like it. Well I was pathetic redefined anyway)
  • Eating (Oh wait. I didn't take classes for that. I am already undefeatable at it)
  • Swimming ( I almost sank in the shallow edge of the pool)
Yes. That's probably it. And don't blame all of my inconsistency on me. After all I have lived in 17 different houses. But that is a tale for another day. 
So until then farewell.


  1. I totally get what you're saying. I started a million things too, but never actually got around to finishing it.
    Someone should write a book called "How to NOT be lazy". I'd worship it.

    Nymisha ♦

  2. This is basically my life :P


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