Friday, May 16, 2014


There are somethings that never change. Just staring up at the stars, that never changed for that girl. No matter how hard she squinted at them , the artificial stars stuck on top of her sister's bedroom ceiling never changed. Sometimes she would remove her glasses and looked at them. She could then never make out the difference between the stars and the spaceships. They stopped being stars then. They became blobs of light. Shiny, slimy greenish light, but light that lulled her to sleep as she held on tightly to her elder sister, willing the fan to switch on to provide some solace from the sweltering heat.
Sleep never came easily to her. It was something that slowly prodded and pulled her into after 10 billion sheep had been counted, monsters had been destroyed, televisions in her switched off, all very slowly. She had to first punctuate her thoughts before she submitted them and attempted to clear her mind.
Sometimes when she couldn't sleep at all she would think of how she and her sister had stuck those stars up there. They were scared, of toppling off and falling like a real life 'Loonytune', only one with real broken bones. But when their parents told them not to do it, well their rebellious minds decided exactly the opposite. They grabbed a table, piled four on top of it kept a pillow on top of the fourth chair and used a long roll of paper to stick on the ones they still couldn't reach. The girl, being shorter was assigned with the job of holding onto the precariously wobbling chair and handing the stickers to her sister. She still laughed when she remembered the ridiculous expressions on the face of her sister's parents and the surprise on those of her own to see the previously plain ceiling transformed into a night sky. They never heard about the table and 4 chairs on top of each other, though.
That girl she was always afraid of being left out though. That was why she pretended to be asleep when the rest of them already were. That's why she cried when they all cried. Because of being afraid of being left out.
Sometimes she would dream of not having magic in her, while all others flaunted theirs in front of her. In her sleep she would twitch her hands and grind her teeth trying to create something out nothing, trying to move things that just wouldn't. Sometimes she would cry in her sleep, so frustrated with futility. Sometimes she would feel a cool hand on her forehead, calming her down. Sometimes she would be awake and know that the magic was always there with her, holding her tightly as they both fell into the pit of deep slumber.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Okay now. I officially proclaim myself as the biggest lazy in the world. Wait, that sounded all wrong. I proclaim myself to be the laziest person in the world. Definitely better. Anyway I also proclaim myself to be a number of other things namely:
  • Worst friend
  • Worst daughter
  • Worst dieter
  • Worst person at remembering what she is worst at.
Yeah. Pathetic.  I know. 
Anyway I would like to say something. All these sentences took half an hour to come out me. I also confess to having read two chapters of a rather large book in between. Currently my biggest problem is that my vocabulary is not large enough.  So by devouring any book I van find I hope to improve it as drastically as it can.
Today I have decided to talk about ...........................................
I have no idea what to talk about. Okay random selection: I will talk about myself. Haha. That was just to imagine the mortified expressions on your faces and the question,  "What exactly were you doing all what this time?". Anyway I have decided what to talk about after all.
And it is about my inability to finish anything I started. (I just realised that this is talking about myself but , mnah who cares?) And here is my pretty impressive list of incomplete things.
  • Piano (Started it again for 6th time in 3 years)
  • Drawing (Stopped when I realised my degree of 'patheticness' in it)
  • Roller skating (Studied for about a year and quite when I couldn't take any more topples.
  • Dance (Started and stopped about ten times over)
  • Karate (Learnt it for a year at school. I actually was pretty good fighting with sticks.  But then I am just being modest)
  • Drums (Learnt for a month. I had fight for the drumsticks and we had to time the time one person could practise)
  • Guitar (Taught to me by an even lazier friend and stopped when he stopped learning too)
  • Singing (Stopped when I realised that my voice was never going to be better than that of a braying donkey.
  • Dance (I started it so many times that it should be worth more than one mention.  Stopped when I realised that an elephant in a tutu could dance infinitely better.
  • Abacus (Pathetic redefined was more like it. Well I was pathetic redefined anyway)
  • Eating (Oh wait. I didn't take classes for that. I am already undefeatable at it)
  • Swimming ( I almost sank in the shallow edge of the pool)
Yes. That's probably it. And don't blame all of my inconsistency on me. After all I have lived in 17 different houses. But that is a tale for another day. 
So until then farewell.