Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I am too horribly sick and ill-tempered to write a good blog post. This is gonna be my farewell post.

Just until 21 March. Or hopefully in that whereabouts. I was hoping you would be sighing we happiness on reading the first couple of sentences. I could here your sigh and that 'uh thank god' thing there. I searched for a gif to go with it but then I couldn't get it. Apparently your relief turned out to be so great that mankind has never witnessed it.  Anyway I am in a hurry and I have got flu and right before the exam and I am very sick and my throat hurts and I don't have internet and we have guests coming tomorrow and my mom is cleaning our old house cos its dusty and its not because they are coming to this because they are coming to the new house and my mom won't allow me to go to school tomorrow cause I am sick and I have junior captain duties that I will have to give somebody else and I have piano class tomorrow for a very hard piece to play and I have no idea how to do it and my crazy best friend abandoned me and I am sick of fighting with people and there are a bunch of orangutans in my class and I have exams and I have not touched my books and there are too many ands in this sentence. Phew. That sums up pretty much all my problems. So farewell. Peace out. Loseres. Oh gosh. I can't even spell thtat right.