Saturday, February 22, 2014


Yeah.  I know. Stop looking at me like that.  I have been busy. Very very busy. And I am only going to get even more busy. I don't have Internet access either.  So together that contributed to a lazy, un writing me. But I am very very happy. I will give a little description of my life right now.
I guess you know that I have moved. So now I walk to school.  But somehow this results in me getting more later than usual. I used to reach earlier when I came in an overstuffed, prone-to-break-down-at-any-given-moment van. I think I lose time as I slowly serenade down the road, singing some song on top of my voice earning me some stares from respectable people.  Add to that my hair which is cut into bangs but when I double ponytail it it look like a coyote danced in it. They probably think that I am wacko. I probably am to. Add to that the fact that I trip about four times a minute on absolutely flat ground. And the fact that I skip sometime. Or maybe I lose time when I keep on pressing the snooze button.  There is nothing nothing I love and hate with the same intensity than my snooze button. It is so cruel yet it offers a useless moment of sleep. It just makes you more tired.  Icky.  Then once I reach school usually with two minutes to spare, I remember some extremely important work I had to do but disregarded or forgotten.  It was most probably purposely forgotten by me. I frantically try to do something but by then we are told to clear out. I doggedly follow my sane best friend as my crazy best friend tries to drag her away.  Me and crazy best friend are not talking to each other. That however is one story I would rather not embark on. We are rather funny  when we are mad. However neither of us are amused. Then the icky boring assembly. Then classes. Boring, boringer, more boringer, brain melt, eye rollable, faked faint. I think teachers too are sick of us. Then tring! Salvation.  The bell mercifully rings. Home.
Recent events-
Valentines day: I attempt to puke at every person who wished me happy valentines day.  All were girls I assure you. I got to eat my friend's candy though which is =happy me.
Some girl's birthday : She distributes coffee cake which I apparently love and sneak a huge piece out of. I think it was pieces of cake. The girls from all classes made a huge card for her. And to think that my best friend did not even wish me happy birthday. She forgot.
Everybody crazy about handmade earrings month: People are making paper earrings at an absurdly huge amount. I don't cos I don't wear them or have the patience and concentration to make it.
Aptitude test day: Yesterday was an aptitude test for computer applications so that they can select the lucky 30 who get a seat. I did pretty well and I found out that the one answer I didn't know was half unknown to current computer students too. The answer I wrote was correct and I jumped all the way back home.
As I said I need a hospital. I am pretty sure this post has reinforced your belief that I am wacko.
PS:I need chocolate desperately. And a treadmill.


  1. Paper earrings? I've never heard of those! Haha I don't think you are wacko...Chocolate is always beneficial for such times though..and Treadmills..or maybe a nice walk in the woods. :)

  2. I just found this blog. I've been doing a little blog surffing lately. Crazy or not your blog is hilarious ^-^ Although I'm at work and all of a sudden the music on your blog started blasting... Everyone is staring at me... Oops c: Write more soon


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