Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Final Rant

I hate happy endings. 
Speaks the biggest pessimist on the eve of New Year. 
I mean, I should be grateful for the end of a (long list coming up) unfruitful, event-less, boring, horrible, depressive, ugly, killing-the-world, polluting-the-world, killing-nice-people, stinky, sometimes nice but still unlikable year. 
There is always another chapter left for opening. Happy endings do not end there. Happily ever afters are, sadly, impossible even in fairy tales. Take Cinderella for instance. She married the prince and lived happily ever after. Only she didn't live forever......
Let's envision ourselves in the beautiful realm of wherever they were living. Cinderella and the prince are going on a lovely chariot ride and BAM!! The chariot tumbles over. And squishes the prince. Like a bug. End of 'lived happily ever after'.
Sure, you have the freedom to go and imagine my head on one of those punch-the-people-you-hate games and pummel it till there are no teeth left in the mouth of my virtual face. I just killed one of the most loved fairy tales. Only thing, I didn't. If any fairy tales have even an ounce of truth in them (I like to think that they do) some bit of sadness ought to inhibit them at some point of their lives.
So coming to my point, while millions are celebrating, millions are grieving. The year will be received  with happiness by some while some won't even notice it in their profound grief. Some won't live to welcome 2014. They had a sad ending. And that's where their ending ends. There is no sequel, no epilogues, no pain, no future. Just an End. 
Whereas happily-ever-after have a but coming up. Damocles swords hanging over their heads, looking for the most opportune time to ruin your paradise. 
I will agree to the fact that I am a spoilsport. All over the world is rejoicing in welcome of a new year and here I sit and write pessimistic ends to Cinderella. 
Oh my god, I am such a retard. And I read the previous sentence in cool-girl voice. Gosh, such a retard.
I am not thankless. This year has been good to me and bad to me. But I think it was just being bad to myself. So before this moment slips out of my hand....

  • I kinda became a better writer. I started this blog. I became a newer person.
  • I stuck to my New Year resolution for the first time. Wait, don't congratulate me yet. I had vowed that I would never take up new resolutions ever ever again. Wooohooooo me!
  • I learnt a lot from my mistakes. Well I did make a hell lot of them to learn from them, but that's optimistic me speaking.
  • I became more pessimistic. Wait, that's not a good thing is it?
  • I finally have a workable story.
So people, enjoy your time left in this year. There are 365 days left of next year but just a few hours of this one. SO be sure not to lose out on them. Reminisce when you write the date X/X/2013 for the last time. Welcome the new year but hold onto this one for just a bit more.
Happy New Year.
PS- I miss writing blog posts in 2013 already. Now its going to be 2014. I dislike 14. 13 is my lucky number right? It is this year's final rant already.


  1. Happy New Year Niranjana! :)
    Nice blog!

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  2. I know how you feel. After having a crappy year, it's kind of difficult to get excited about the next one.
    Here's hoping for a less-crappy 2014.



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