Friday, December 20, 2013

The Exhibition

(NOTE: The following to be read in the tune of Jingle bells) Blalala Blalala Blalalala Blalala Blalala BLALALALALA!!!
Yes people. I am have lost more screws than usual. So bear with me till I locate them and fit them back in.
Today was my school's EPIC FUNCTION OF THE YEAR..... the Exhibition. We have an annual exhibition ever year before the the school releases on temporary bail, but this thing is designed to make the school get free labor out of poor students. And since I belong to those poor students, I end up with immovable legs and a pounding headache of not sleeping properly for about 3-4 weeks.
Yesterday we had an exam. And today we had the Exhibition. And yesterday after the exam when hauled out benches, hauled in factories and apartments and earths and oxygen banks and jet packs. (Don't worry, they were just models, we are not The Titans or anything.) Then today after the exhibition got over in the afternoon, we hauled out the factories and apartments and earths and oxygen banks and jet packs and re-hauled in the desks and benches. I mean..... oh forget it. I don't mean anything.
I am one of the only people in our class who is interested in the Exhibition months before the Exhibition. And I end up with the clerk like duties of the Exhibition such as collecting money and collecting things and dogging people around to get their work done. And I love it.
Well, last time my class was a humongous flop. This year, however we did pretty great. I am kinda proud of my classmates for having involved themselves considerably more than last year.
Me and my best friends had a blast. We had 'lemon and blueberry' and 'apple and blueberry' and 'apple and lemon' sodas(No really, they do taste great together. And the blueberry and apple was turquoise blue in color so me and crazy best friend pretended that we were sipping cocktails. Pretended.). And we ripped crazy best friend off her money(It was voluntarily agreed ripping). I hopped around the class like a sugar-rush induced bunny which I probably was. I spilled half a soda on my dress. I bankrupted myself by buying a pair of earrings that my class-teacher made. I ate a lot, almost fell of a desk twice and stubbed my toe 5 times. I got so tired after rearranging everything that I went home, ate a huge lunch and dozed off till seven. And now I am up here............snoooooze............... vcgzcmhgkicxwan kiuahb.
Uh, what?
Good night people. I need to catch up on sleep. 

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