Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Final Rant

I hate happy endings. 
Speaks the biggest pessimist on the eve of New Year. 
I mean, I should be grateful for the end of a (long list coming up) unfruitful, event-less, boring, horrible, depressive, ugly, killing-the-world, polluting-the-world, killing-nice-people, stinky, sometimes nice but still unlikable year. 
There is always another chapter left for opening. Happy endings do not end there. Happily ever afters are, sadly, impossible even in fairy tales. Take Cinderella for instance. She married the prince and lived happily ever after. Only she didn't live forever......
Let's envision ourselves in the beautiful realm of wherever they were living. Cinderella and the prince are going on a lovely chariot ride and BAM!! The chariot tumbles over. And squishes the prince. Like a bug. End of 'lived happily ever after'.
Sure, you have the freedom to go and imagine my head on one of those punch-the-people-you-hate games and pummel it till there are no teeth left in the mouth of my virtual face. I just killed one of the most loved fairy tales. Only thing, I didn't. If any fairy tales have even an ounce of truth in them (I like to think that they do) some bit of sadness ought to inhibit them at some point of their lives.
So coming to my point, while millions are celebrating, millions are grieving. The year will be received  with happiness by some while some won't even notice it in their profound grief. Some won't live to welcome 2014. They had a sad ending. And that's where their ending ends. There is no sequel, no epilogues, no pain, no future. Just an End. 
Whereas happily-ever-after have a but coming up. Damocles swords hanging over their heads, looking for the most opportune time to ruin your paradise. 
I will agree to the fact that I am a spoilsport. All over the world is rejoicing in welcome of a new year and here I sit and write pessimistic ends to Cinderella. 
Oh my god, I am such a retard. And I read the previous sentence in cool-girl voice. Gosh, such a retard.
I am not thankless. This year has been good to me and bad to me. But I think it was just being bad to myself. So before this moment slips out of my hand....

  • I kinda became a better writer. I started this blog. I became a newer person.
  • I stuck to my New Year resolution for the first time. Wait, don't congratulate me yet. I had vowed that I would never take up new resolutions ever ever again. Wooohooooo me!
  • I learnt a lot from my mistakes. Well I did make a hell lot of them to learn from them, but that's optimistic me speaking.
  • I became more pessimistic. Wait, that's not a good thing is it?
  • I finally have a workable story.
So people, enjoy your time left in this year. There are 365 days left of next year but just a few hours of this one. SO be sure not to lose out on them. Reminisce when you write the date X/X/2013 for the last time. Welcome the new year but hold onto this one for just a bit more.
Happy New Year.
PS- I miss writing blog posts in 2013 already. Now its going to be 2014. I dislike 14. 13 is my lucky number right? It is this year's final rant already.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Exhibition

(NOTE: The following to be read in the tune of Jingle bells) Blalala Blalala Blalalala Blalala Blalala BLALALALALA!!!
Yes people. I am have lost more screws than usual. So bear with me till I locate them and fit them back in.
Today was my school's EPIC FUNCTION OF THE YEAR..... the Exhibition. We have an annual exhibition ever year before the the school releases on temporary bail, but this thing is designed to make the school get free labor out of poor students. And since I belong to those poor students, I end up with immovable legs and a pounding headache of not sleeping properly for about 3-4 weeks.
Yesterday we had an exam. And today we had the Exhibition. And yesterday after the exam when hauled out benches, hauled in factories and apartments and earths and oxygen banks and jet packs. (Don't worry, they were just models, we are not The Titans or anything.) Then today after the exhibition got over in the afternoon, we hauled out the factories and apartments and earths and oxygen banks and jet packs and re-hauled in the desks and benches. I mean..... oh forget it. I don't mean anything.
I am one of the only people in our class who is interested in the Exhibition months before the Exhibition. And I end up with the clerk like duties of the Exhibition such as collecting money and collecting things and dogging people around to get their work done. And I love it.
Well, last time my class was a humongous flop. This year, however we did pretty great. I am kinda proud of my classmates for having involved themselves considerably more than last year.
Me and my best friends had a blast. We had 'lemon and blueberry' and 'apple and blueberry' and 'apple and lemon' sodas(No really, they do taste great together. And the blueberry and apple was turquoise blue in color so me and crazy best friend pretended that we were sipping cocktails. Pretended.). And we ripped crazy best friend off her money(It was voluntarily agreed ripping). I hopped around the class like a sugar-rush induced bunny which I probably was. I spilled half a soda on my dress. I bankrupted myself by buying a pair of earrings that my class-teacher made. I ate a lot, almost fell of a desk twice and stubbed my toe 5 times. I got so tired after rearranging everything that I went home, ate a huge lunch and dozed off till seven. And now I am up here............snoooooze............... vcgzcmhgkicxwan kiuahb.
Uh, what?
Good night people. I need to catch up on sleep. 

Friday, December 13, 2013


Oh... so here it is. I know I am not supposed to write. But my mother decided to be a little lenient with me because

  • I just finished 4 exams (horrible ones) and managed to study for about 7 hours everyday
  • It is my birthday
Yeah. I have finally turned 14. Or maybe just turned 14. Because the fact that I am 14 just emphasizes the fact that I have wasted that many years of my life doing nothing. I just WASTED SO MUCH TIME. Seconds that are not coming back. Maybe I changed in between all these years. But how much of the change has actually made me a better person? Someone worth living?
This is the first birthday I am not hyperventilating about. Usually days of counting and scrimping and constant reminding precede birthdays. This time the only thing that remains are the reminders to parents to get me books and that too only because I am typically poor high-school-er. And not many people remembered to wish either. Just notification reminder wishes and machine wishes. Google wished me. And technically Facebook wished me. But I am not one to complain. I am so horrible at remembering birthdays that even I forget my own birthday. I only know my brother's birthday by heart. NOTHING ELSE. So thanks to any one who wished me anyway.
I wanted to do something meaningful this day. Write something good, do something good, be something good. All I did was by heart Malayalam meanings (for my exams) and continue to be the blog-addicted-social-life-less-zombie.
I hope my above statement conveyed the exact feeling I am feeling.
Blast it.
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to a loser, that's all I will be.


PS(Added after noticing the date)- Its Friday the 13th today. Happy birthday to me.