Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Teacher, teacher.

I am really very busy. So here is a poem I wrote to a teacher. I wrote it for "Teacher's Day" but I never gave it to anyone at all.

 (I have not decided what to call it yet)
                                                            By me
You opened our eyes dear teacher
To a world that we never could see

You brought us somewhere better 
than we ever thought we could be.

You did much more than teach.
You created us all a wondrous place
You told us we could reach 
Where we want to wit a fixed gaze.

You put us on the roads 
And showed us our ways.
You relieved our loads
And brought the light to day.

You mean more to us than we 
Could ever tell you 
You showed us that together we are better than just 'me'.
We all love you, we really do.


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  1. This is good. But, could I suggest adding more music to that wikplayer thing? I've heard "Alice" like 19 times, and I'm getting sick of it.


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