Sunday, October 20, 2013


The girl stood up. She had grabbed the hand that was offered to her. Her rise was slow and painful. But then she threw her head back and laughed. Because right then, she had found that she no longer cared.

She looked at her hands. There, on the back of them were small crescent shaped marks. Once in frustration she had dug her nails in and there were tiny imprints left there. That was some days ago. But the imprints were still there. They still stayed. That was some time ago when she had not decided not to take out her anger on her nails. Now they were bitten down, her cuticles were red in the frustration she couldn't seem to let out. Never would it let her go free.

Something, or someone suddenly hit her from behind. It knocked the wind out of her. She trembled out of shock. But when she turned around nothing was there. She still was alone. No one was behind her. Could she have had a delusion? She contemplated this with herself. But the pain had felt so real. It brought her back to real life. 
She wished she knew why everyday she was changing. She wished she knew why, everyday she was getting so, so angry. 

Her mind could not calm down. It would not shut up. She began to wonder whether she had gone crazy. But crazy was funny. Crazy could be nice. She was neither. She was lost. She screamed out in her frustration. Was there no one ever there to hear her? She stumbled on a tiny rock. She found herself lying on the ground. She didn't move. She couldn't move.

A person came crashing through the woods  She stared at the girl splayed on the ground. She had heard her. It sounded so much like her own cry.

She was not happy either, She had hurt herself so many times. All because of her own mistakes. 'Stupid ones', she declared out to herself. Outside, this one was just so happy. Smiling, laughing, singing. But the scars in her mind were not leaving soon either. She too had cried. She too had screamed. She too had wished that someone had heard her. She had given up. But when this piercing cry of intermingled grief and regret reached her, she knew that she had to run for that person. Because she knew it was someone like her. Because she knew that kind of pain. 

And then together they left, still laughing because now someone would be there to hear.

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