Thursday, September 12, 2013


This is all spontaneous so you may not like this. I am suddenly feeling all down. It started with a conversation and suddenly I am all upset. For no reasons at all. I am freaking out for things I can't understand. I don't understand who is a friend, who is not. I am mixed. I am risking upsetting at least 5 people. Very badly. I tried to listen to music to make me happier. I just got some crappy songs. Nothing seems to be going right this afternoon. I wish I had somebody I could really open up to right now.Everybody seems missing right when I need them.
I just am trying to diagnose my feelings. I talked a bit to my best friend and she told me that I had got a severe case of confusion with a large dose of not being able to comprehend anything. I would do anything to talk to her right now. I simply can't.
I simply can't mess up right now. Not in my life. I keep on trying to make myself happy but in the end get so sad. Upset with things that I can't seem to control.I have the reins but the horses of life just too strong. I am lucky. But still the luckier the more upset.
I know that life is very good. But just when I think I am perfectly patched up I go and get a new bruise. I feel like Bella from Twilight (I don't like it but I am reading it cause my friends love it). Stumbling over everything. So very clumsy.
Don't worry. I am perfectly fine. I keep on getting upset like this every now and then. I just was on the computer when I got this pang of desperation. I will be fine. I will survive. Au revoir. (French)

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  1. You've got so find your silver linings, y'know?
    So, on the bright side, this some of the best writing you've done in a while.

    And never be too afraid to message me on Google+, I check all my notifications.


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