Sunday, September 8, 2013


Nope. I am not even bothering with an apology.  I will just write a quick post and be back by Friday. Hopefully.
7 quirks about me:
1. I love raw mangoes. Salted raw mangoes.  I eat them by the tonne.
2. I have a tendency to bite my nails and lips a lot. A LOT.
3. I get terrible car sickness.  Just car sickness.  Nothing on trains,  buses or flights.
4. I lose everything.  Especially my glasses.  The problem with losing glasses is that you can't keep them to find them.
5. I tend to multi task a lot.  I study, eat, listen to music, watch television and babysit my brother simultaneously.
6. I like to keep my room dirty.  It makes me feel right at home.
7. I am hyperactive.  Not medically but ask qnyone who knows me for a minute.  They will swear that not only am I hyperactive and nuts but also slightly crazy. And very weird.

so that's how we come to the end of a very short post. I will be able to get a chance to write a post by Friday but I think I have an incomplete one somewhere here.  If I find i will post it.  Ciao. 

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  1. Except for the mangoes and the car sickness, I do all of these.
    I'm pretty sure the nail/lip biting thing is a sign of unconscious stress, so you should keep an eye on that one.


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