Sunday, September 29, 2013

Absolutely Raving Mad

I really started out with a really genius idea for a post, but after writing about half of it, I deleted it. It sounded lame. And forced. Very forced. Like somebody tried to over-squeeze a lemon and it turns slightly bitter.
So I am pretty sure you have noticed that the last two posts are, to put it in mild and simple words, DEPRESSIVE. I am not saying that I am in a great mood right now. But slightly better. Microscopically better. Which is why I decided to present a lighter post.
Well, um, uh... oh forget it. I have no humor. Blah. I feel like ramming my head against the desk.
Done. I really think I have gone completely bonkers.
I and my crazy best friend tried to murder each other.
I think the reason was an argument based on democracy or the photons or somethings.
I am not kidding.
My more sane best-friend had to drag us apart.
I was home-alone for a week.
I punched a wall.
I downloaded about 15423 songs and deleted 15405 songs of those.
I watched the first episode of Hannah Montana and found out that I hate it more than ever.
Blah blah.
I made an inspiration jar inspired by Sunny from her blog The Slightly Awkward Geek.
I think she is very nice and runs a nice blog.
I think I need a psychiatrist.
Correction: I need a psychiatrist.
Thank god for spell check on Google.
Otherwise I would never know the spelling of 'psychiatrist'.
I still don't.
I think some of you are probably murdering me in your minds.
I understand.
I think I should stop now.
Please keep your heads on top of your necks.
Got the joke?
I didn't think so.
I tried to a headstand and fell on my back.
I am multi-tasking.
Any one asking whether I lost a couple of nuts?
Probably in the process of repeatedly banging my head against the wall.


  1. You have a great sense of humor.. Really
    No kidding
    And no this was NOT a joke ;)
    Check out my blog post at
    Drop a comment if u like, i would really appreciate the support

  2. At least you're one of them "fun" kinds of crazy. Although, as a word nerd, I must say: "depressive" is not a word.


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