Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Honestly... sorry. I am a lazy, lazy idiot.  And I ave been busy. Doing almost nothing. I have been busy in my head. Don't you dare question me.
 And remember my obsolete, unknown civilization place where I was going? On the contrary there are a lot of people there. And a lot of food. Especially food. Did I ever mention the fact that I love food? I eat like a cannibal who hasn't eaten 15 days. I keep on saying that I am on diet but my resolve breaks down the second I see food again. So.... yeah. (Note: I am a little crazier than usual)
I really don't have a specific topic to write about. I am actually having a nice-ish time at school. I missed a day of school on Wednesday. And my school is gone into overdrive because a little bit of rain, a political tiff and an extended 'Eid' which resulted in a week of holiday. So a single day of holiday meant that I would end up 20 pages of maths work, 5 pages of biology and some Malayalam. My maths teacher unfairly suggests that we have to submit the book the same day or we would lose marks. Apparently, being absent is not an excuse.
Otherwise, life seems pretty good to me. Oh, yeah! There is another little problem. My MP3 died and I lost the charger. It simply seems to have vanished off the face of earth. Boo-hoo. I am hungry. I am weird. I suck. But I am awesome. I am so weird that even if I know I suck I think I am the greatest person on the freaking planet. I love music. My greatest wish:
(It is great quote) 'I want books and food to be free and have endless amount of money.'
Its the best thing god could ever bestow on me. Anyways I will write later. 'Krikette sayı'. (Turkish)
P.S. My arch nemesis has started a blog. It is over here. Do not check it. Never.


  1. "I suck. But I am awesome."

    A statement that is so wrong, and yet so right. I think that accurately describes so much, occasionally even ME.

  2. Damn you.My Blog's Name is Me VS My Secret Identity.It's Better than this piee of crap


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