Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I won' bother with an explanation about why I didn't write for about three weeks. I am losing count. My life is busy. However most of the  busy-time is utilized by daydreaming. I definitely spend too many hours a day in fantasies. Faraway places I wished were really true. Which could be what I want to write about today.
As always I am the weirdo. The dreamer. The girl who apparently looks like the world would go past and still not notice. A person who is generally affected by barely anything. I am the rock. Made of steel. But of course in my fantasy world I am not the same. I am more generally a person who I can never be. A popular, loved, cute, adorable person. Well known and having and with a hell lot of friends. Having fun. And happy. Well there ain;t nothing I can do about it is there? And since I am too busy ( read too lazy) to write even more I will write later. Maybe today itself as tomorrow is a holiday. Bye

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