Monday, July 1, 2013


My typical idea of a holiday:
  • Laze around
  • Get bored
  • Surf on the internet
  • And forget work I have to do
This leads to having to wake up at five on Monday. And learn for all the dumb tests I have. I think that all these tests are pointless. But that's just the early morning grumpy me.  Then I trudge off to my school with my weighing-a-ton bag in my stupid overfilled van. I reach in class and discover I had homework. I sit with a grumpy face and scream at my best pal and whoever is sitting next to me. I get called down for assembly when I am trying to finish math corrections. I stare at the rumbling clouds at pray to the lords to not make it rain so that some of our first period will usurped by the assembly. We line up, say the prayer and bang... what happen? The heavens open their taps and we all manage to get ourselves drenched to the bone while getting screamed at our safely dry principal that we were running.  We enter the class and the teacher takes a million notes. The second the bell rings, Entrez my positively evil maths teacher. Scowling she turns my bad math grade into a good one (her mistake, I assure you) and sets a evil test. We write till the next bell ring and then enters next teacher..
(Paraamparrra parara) (Sound horn)
extremely dramatic history teacher. After overhearing her scolding those who didn't complete their work (I did not join them today, fortunately) I submit my work and shamelessly talk throughout the class while the teacher rants away about the constitutions. Then a short break, only 15 minutes though. But very busy minutes. I finish one diagram in physics, go with my sick best friend to get a sanction for a socio-environment club and manage to eat quarter a cookie. The bell rings all too  fast and then I sit and listen to the monotomous voice of my physics teacher while being unable to concentrate on the diagram of a periscope. My friend finally snatches the book from me and finishes a complex picture that I had been sweating over. The rest is more or less a blur. I prop my eyelids open during Economics, tear a piece of paper meant for origami in Craft and getting scold in Art for forgetting my drawing works.I share lunch with friends, dump gravy on my shirt and do some computer work. I am pretty sure I sleep through the next two classes. Our class teacher dumps the news that we will be having class on the next Saturday as a result of the extended weekend. And finally while waiting to be carted home I get drenched in muddy water by my van. This is what I call boring, exhausting and unfair. My friends are holidaying somewhere while I learn equations.  Anyways I just want to say that I would warn you not to expect posts any time soon. Please understand. 안녕히 가세요. (Korean)


  1. How many classes do you have in a day? At my high school we had a maximum of five.

  2. Daily? In a day we have 9 forty five minute classes....

  3. We have nine from 6th grade onwards

  4. man! thats so my daily life routine


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