Friday, July 26, 2013


Okay. Hello people. I had a very very depressing week. Don't even ask me where I was. The location would be locked up in my bedroom bawling my eyes out. Reasons are pretty much confidential. I don't know but I miss my old life. Or I should say 'lives'. 
People of my age generally don't do that. Specifically, people around me. They don't know how it feels to be outcast everywhere. To not know where your home. To startle awake in the middle of the night and wonder where you are. To be... stuck in middle. Missing a place you didn't love at all.: now that's an extremely hard emotion to cope with. To understand. Look, I don't even remember half the things but I just want to invent a time machine and pop back into the past. Ugh. See, even though I hate moving, I love moving. Makes sense? No? Not to me, either.
My travels are long enough to complete a travelogue with. I have attended as many schools as Percy Jackson had by the second book(my latest obsession). Its kinda good to start anew, but then its hard. Life doesn't work in way that you completely start over again. Some part of your old life will forever be with, dragging you and if unpleasant, scarring you. So what about me? I had many friends. I had even more enemies. What has my journeys given me? A chance to affect more people? A lot of car-sickness? I absolutely have no idea. I just know that i have trampled over, squished and molded into this person who is stuck in the middle of nowhere.
 So how was I keeping for the few days? Well I will try to explain. I tried to observe 'normal' day. I tried to prove that my craziness was self-induced to protect the vulnerable half. I watched old videos and cried a bit. I read a book in 2 hours (half from my moving van and getting sick).I got screamed at by my best friend. I learnt from a boy that everyone hated me because I am a showoff. What I showoff is still a mystery to me. Whatever. I miss being small. I miss easy life. Ciao. (Italian)


  1. The other day, I was on the train. I hadn't brought a book with me (like I usually do) so I was thinking about stories and listening to the people on the carriage.
    One girl was flustered, talking to her friend how she was worried about how she hated her job, but was worried she was going to lose it and couldn't get a new one. She was all worked up.
    I was listening to all this, and a thought occurred to me:
    "If life really was as hard as you're making it out to be, humanity would have given up on it years ago."

    I want you to remember those words, because they're truer than you'd think.

  2. Well, I am probably very very lucky... but then man is never happy with what they have. Its just what they don't. Or rather what I don't.


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