Sunday, July 14, 2013

A typical family movie night

Guess what? I watched a movie with cousins and uncle and my aunt and my parents and my little brother, Now you think 'Not such a big deal'. Yeah I agree. That's what I thought too. But seeing a movie with a cousin sister who can't wait to get back to her books and h her temperamental dad and her biiig brother who keeps on kicking me and my little brother who kept stamping over me and... well now I have got your attention, don't I? So let's get kicking.
So, actually my cousin sister study's in a semi-boarding school kinda place. Its just the weird things designed to make to student life harder than it already is. But it absolutely reformed her from the girl who doesn't like studying much too a religiously hard working studious girl. Her parents like the new version her. But if I were given a choice... well let's just say it wouldn't be hard. So she took a couple of days off and came over to our house instead of her own one. Let me explain. The place where she studies is far from my house. Her house is far too. But in opposite directions. Thus my house is the midway point. So to save time and travelling, she comes from her school to my house and her family comes from their home to mine. So after dinner we decided to watch a movie. Despite loud protests from my recently- turned-into-geek cousin we pulled her upstairs turned on the television and inserted the disk to watch a what seemed like typical boy meets girl story. At first my sis and I tried to snuggle under a blanket. But it was soon discarded when we realized we weren't in a country where it was cold even when it was pouring tanks outside.We tried to fashion it into a pillow but threw it away when we realized it was not big enough and started fighting for it. Soon the movie started getting so boring I wondered whether Algebra was better. And I hate maths. My brother started playing bungee jumper over my tummy. And when I tell you this believe me. It hurts to get stamped on your stomach after stuffing yourself. I pushed him off me when I got an idea about writing a blog post about this. I scribbled it onto a notebook and hoped that I would remember it today. (I did) Anyway the blanket slowly started to look more and more tempting probably because my cousin brother put the fan on full speed. The movie tugged on. My brother started fussing. My mom put him to sleep. She started asking me what happened in her absence right when a interesting-ish twist came. Which pissed me off. Humph. My uncle left halfway. My aunt dozed off. So did the brother of cousin. And then..... BOOM after a million twists the girl in the movie suicides and the the directors make us think 'You just made so many twists to make this girl kill herself?' My cousin quickly returned to her books. I went to search for a new novel my dad gave me and sat up an finished it. Time check: 2:00 am.
So people, later. I have classes to attend. Tootle pips. 


  1. Sounds like a very bad movie. But on the upside, fun blog post.


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