Thursday, July 11, 2013

A goodish day

After a long time in aaaaaaaaaages I feel good. And that too is in my mind. I mean only feeling happy. I am coughing like a person who has really, really bad cough. Oh, I know that simile sucked. But what else coughs like I am coughing right now? So here is little list of what I have been doing in the last two days.
Well I had a little holiday yesterday. Don't ask me why. Some dumb politicians bickering with each other like babies. Well, that works for us. Anyway I wanted a little break from my MONOTONOUS routine. I had to prepare for a Mock-interview (Wait, I will come to that later.) and literary club. In the end I did nothing yesterday except stare at the computer, download some songs without listening to them and having to delete them when I realize they are totally not my kind of songs. So in another way, nothing useful.  So yeah, coming back to the Mock-interview which can also be classified as the second most embarrassing day of my life. Technically mock-interview is a competition in which you become somebody famous (You know, like Abraham Lincoln) and then teachers interview you as though you are that person. I had gone for the preliminary round just for fun. I mean I was absolutely, completely sure that I wouldn't get selected for the finals. Well, but I did. Which meant today I would have to dress up as  Indira Gandhi, the first women prime minister of India. Which was not a good idea. NOT a good idea. So now coming to the second engagement of today, the literary club (Christened LitAura). Okay now..... I am too lazy to write about it. So let's leave that for another day. Just know that I had to maroon my debate team in beginning as I had to go for the finals of the above-mentioned competition. And when I returned my team had almost lost. The main reasons:
  • My best friend (One of the best debaters I know) was on the other team. When we are on different teams we just end up debating among ourselves when most others watch in silence. (I am not sure what causes the silence. I probably guess its because we two are too loud.)  
  • I have no idea what the second reason was. 
So, in the end I semi-rescued my group (with a lot of help from some other people, who filled me up on what had happened). But technically speaking the other team won. Humph.
Anyways one more thing. I have added a new page called 'Knowing me little bit better'. So look at it. Follow a few guidelines I have listed there. So toodles. (I have officially kinda run out of languages to say farewell in. So I will get some words here and there and then I will start again from the beginning)


  1. Hi Squid here.

    I think you have no shortage of words or energy. You have some great ideas in here. I love the mock interview part and feel this could make a great story. Some times the trick is to try and keep one feeling and one emotion in your mind all the time while your writing. Let it flow. Afterwards prune back your words until you expose the hart of the story.

    1. Thank you. Well this post was written after the fresh memory of the disaster known as mock-interview so probably that's why it sounded so ..... right.


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