Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting ready

Hey everybody!! (Cheery, optimistic mode ON) I am in a really good mood after..... well let's just say its been a loooooooong time. And I  have a longish post incoming.
So another school even t is on. I bet you all remember the old one. Or do you? Ah here is the link. Click it. I order you. Click!!! SO yeah. This is our annual day. Or talent show. Or some crap like that. Only catch is.. the teachers decide what we do. I mean We can't pick the event we do. I mean we can pick whether we want to recite or dance but be warned. The teacher's will kick you out if they feel you are not good. And the selection criteria is kinda random. Or a little more bluntly put, crazy.Anyways this year like last year I went for recitation. In the (hopefully) forgotten two years ago's past I was 'Alice' in Wonderland. And the rabbit was my arch-nemesis. Needless to say, we weren't great on the stage together. Let's just say that it was not one of the greatest thing I have ever done.
So, yeah my recitation. We are reciting poem Keramos. And on the stage there will be a depiction of a potter molding things and a child becoming a man (and dancing to the tunes of You are sixteen, Going on Seventeen) ( It's absolutely hilarious. I almost fell off the stage laughing the first time I saw it. My Arch-nemesis who hates girls is dancing with a partner. During a twirling move he touches his partner as though she is some kind of bacteria. Hilarious. He will probably murder me) So. Then we are by technicality supposed to rehearse all day. In reality we practice for about an hour. And that too with quite a lot of breaks. But the practice we do is quite a lot of fun. So today we assembled on the stage and stood up on benches. Let me explain. We, the reciters are of varying heights. So in order for everybody to be 'visible' the teachers ordered 5 of us to stand on a small bench and 5 to stand on a bigger bench. The rest stands on the ground. And since I am the good-willed soul I went and fetched heavy benches from the first grade class room. And when we all stood on the bench... it decided to wobble furiously. Half of us almost toppled over. But I stayed put. Then the very boring parts. The teachers decided we were really good and kept on rehearsing the drama part of it. But obviously for the drama we had to recite. In the end we all sat down. A friend sitting beside me started reading as though there was no tomorrow at all. Me and a couple of people in back started talking about how we missed the old cartoons. The old Disney, Cartoon Network. I even got emotional. Then came the part when we started laughing so hard about our naivety when we were small. The resolutions like "I want to become a fairy". The beliefs that if we tried hard enough a Pokemon would come out a toy and that a letter from Hogwarts would appear. And a little joke about somebody believing coconuts could be sent via the email. (I am definitely getting murdered tomorrow. By several people.) I had tears running down my cheek by the time the final bell rang. So I am just saying.... no matter how bad it gets, one day it will start getting better. Way better. And hopefully it has for me. Adios. (Spanish)

Friday, July 26, 2013


Okay. Hello people. I had a very very depressing week. Don't even ask me where I was. The location would be locked up in my bedroom bawling my eyes out. Reasons are pretty much confidential. I don't know but I miss my old life. Or I should say 'lives'. 
People of my age generally don't do that. Specifically, people around me. They don't know how it feels to be outcast everywhere. To not know where your home. To startle awake in the middle of the night and wonder where you are. To be... stuck in middle. Missing a place you didn't love at all.: now that's an extremely hard emotion to cope with. To understand. Look, I don't even remember half the things but I just want to invent a time machine and pop back into the past. Ugh. See, even though I hate moving, I love moving. Makes sense? No? Not to me, either.
My travels are long enough to complete a travelogue with. I have attended as many schools as Percy Jackson had by the second book(my latest obsession). Its kinda good to start anew, but then its hard. Life doesn't work in way that you completely start over again. Some part of your old life will forever be with, dragging you and if unpleasant, scarring you. So what about me? I had many friends. I had even more enemies. What has my journeys given me? A chance to affect more people? A lot of car-sickness? I absolutely have no idea. I just know that i have trampled over, squished and molded into this person who is stuck in the middle of nowhere.
 So how was I keeping for the few days? Well I will try to explain. I tried to observe 'normal' day. I tried to prove that my craziness was self-induced to protect the vulnerable half. I watched old videos and cried a bit. I read a book in 2 hours (half from my moving van and getting sick).I got screamed at by my best friend. I learnt from a boy that everyone hated me because I am a showoff. What I showoff is still a mystery to me. Whatever. I miss being small. I miss easy life. Ciao. (Italian)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A typical family movie night

Guess what? I watched a movie with cousins and uncle and my aunt and my parents and my little brother, Now you think 'Not such a big deal'. Yeah I agree. That's what I thought too. But seeing a movie with a cousin sister who can't wait to get back to her books and h her temperamental dad and her biiig brother who keeps on kicking me and my little brother who kept stamping over me and... well now I have got your attention, don't I? So let's get kicking.
So, actually my cousin sister study's in a semi-boarding school kinda place. Its just the weird things designed to make to student life harder than it already is. But it absolutely reformed her from the girl who doesn't like studying much too a religiously hard working studious girl. Her parents like the new version her. But if I were given a choice... well let's just say it wouldn't be hard. So she took a couple of days off and came over to our house instead of her own one. Let me explain. The place where she studies is far from my house. Her house is far too. But in opposite directions. Thus my house is the midway point. So to save time and travelling, she comes from her school to my house and her family comes from their home to mine. So after dinner we decided to watch a movie. Despite loud protests from my recently- turned-into-geek cousin we pulled her upstairs turned on the television and inserted the disk to watch a what seemed like typical boy meets girl story. At first my sis and I tried to snuggle under a blanket. But it was soon discarded when we realized we weren't in a country where it was cold even when it was pouring tanks outside.We tried to fashion it into a pillow but threw it away when we realized it was not big enough and started fighting for it. Soon the movie started getting so boring I wondered whether Algebra was better. And I hate maths. My brother started playing bungee jumper over my tummy. And when I tell you this believe me. It hurts to get stamped on your stomach after stuffing yourself. I pushed him off me when I got an idea about writing a blog post about this. I scribbled it onto a notebook and hoped that I would remember it today. (I did) Anyway the blanket slowly started to look more and more tempting probably because my cousin brother put the fan on full speed. The movie tugged on. My brother started fussing. My mom put him to sleep. She started asking me what happened in her absence right when a interesting-ish twist came. Which pissed me off. Humph. My uncle left halfway. My aunt dozed off. So did the brother of cousin. And then..... BOOM after a million twists the girl in the movie suicides and the the directors make us think 'You just made so many twists to make this girl kill herself?' My cousin quickly returned to her books. I went to search for a new novel my dad gave me and sat up an finished it. Time check: 2:00 am.
So people, later. I have classes to attend. Tootle pips. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A goodish day

After a long time in aaaaaaaaaages I feel good. And that too is in my mind. I mean only feeling happy. I am coughing like a person who has really, really bad cough. Oh, I know that simile sucked. But what else coughs like I am coughing right now? So here is little list of what I have been doing in the last two days.
Well I had a little holiday yesterday. Don't ask me why. Some dumb politicians bickering with each other like babies. Well, that works for us. Anyway I wanted a little break from my MONOTONOUS routine. I had to prepare for a Mock-interview (Wait, I will come to that later.) and literary club. In the end I did nothing yesterday except stare at the computer, download some songs without listening to them and having to delete them when I realize they are totally not my kind of songs. So in another way, nothing useful.  So yeah, coming back to the Mock-interview which can also be classified as the second most embarrassing day of my life. Technically mock-interview is a competition in which you become somebody famous (You know, like Abraham Lincoln) and then teachers interview you as though you are that person. I had gone for the preliminary round just for fun. I mean I was absolutely, completely sure that I wouldn't get selected for the finals. Well, but I did. Which meant today I would have to dress up as  Indira Gandhi, the first women prime minister of India. Which was not a good idea. NOT a good idea. So now coming to the second engagement of today, the literary club (Christened LitAura). Okay now..... I am too lazy to write about it. So let's leave that for another day. Just know that I had to maroon my debate team in beginning as I had to go for the finals of the above-mentioned competition. And when I returned my team had almost lost. The main reasons:
  • My best friend (One of the best debaters I know) was on the other team. When we are on different teams we just end up debating among ourselves when most others watch in silence. (I am not sure what causes the silence. I probably guess its because we two are too loud.)  
  • I have no idea what the second reason was. 
So, in the end I semi-rescued my group (with a lot of help from some other people, who filled me up on what had happened). But technically speaking the other team won. Humph.
Anyways one more thing. I have added a new page called 'Knowing me little bit better'. So look at it. Follow a few guidelines I have listed there. So toodles. (I have officially kinda run out of languages to say farewell in. So I will get some words here and there and then I will start again from the beginning)

Monday, July 8, 2013


Oh I don't know anymore. I am confused. About everything. I don't even tell the difference from an elephant and a hippo. Nothing makes sense anymore. Dread everywhere. I am more upset than I should sound. Nothing much happened today. But the last two days... well let's just say they have been in the dumps. This is actually the fifth time I am attempting to write. Which means I have four more drafts in my post list.7 Which I will have to delete if I succeed in completing and clicking that orange button that boldly proclaims 'Publish'. I don't have heart in anything I do anymore. I don't even know hey I write when I am hardly any good. I am not good at anything I try. I am not like those people who can get everything they do right the first time they try. I can't get it right second third or maybe even the fourth time. And its not like I don't want to get it right the first time. If people can't see that I try not to be my obnoxious, bossy self I can't do anything. A couple of days ago I made a list of the things I have been called. Needless to say, it was quite long. Over 30 names. And yesterday I have been expanding it. I then doodled it onto my rough book. A small dark figure with a huge cloud of names on top of the head. Me. I don't have anything much to say. I will just type down a poem I wrote a couple of days ago after seeing a depressed person ranting away about how she wants to die and all that. Me, nah I want to live a good life. I am hoping for the happy tomorrow.

                                                             Going Away
                                                                            -Niranjana Menon
Look for me,
Cry out for me,
But now you can't
Find me for I
Am going, gone.
Lost, hurt, tired
Of the wounds
That you caused on me.

Crying, broken, going away
Search for me all you can
But now I am invisible
Hiding so cannot
Scar me anymore
Or tear that last shred
Of hope I cling on to.

Monday, July 1, 2013


My typical idea of a holiday:
  • Laze around
  • Get bored
  • Surf on the internet
  • And forget work I have to do
This leads to having to wake up at five on Monday. And learn for all the dumb tests I have. I think that all these tests are pointless. But that's just the early morning grumpy me.  Then I trudge off to my school with my weighing-a-ton bag in my stupid overfilled van. I reach in class and discover I had homework. I sit with a grumpy face and scream at my best pal and whoever is sitting next to me. I get called down for assembly when I am trying to finish math corrections. I stare at the rumbling clouds at pray to the lords to not make it rain so that some of our first period will usurped by the assembly. We line up, say the prayer and bang... what happen? The heavens open their taps and we all manage to get ourselves drenched to the bone while getting screamed at our safely dry principal that we were running.  We enter the class and the teacher takes a million notes. The second the bell rings, Entrez my positively evil maths teacher. Scowling she turns my bad math grade into a good one (her mistake, I assure you) and sets a evil test. We write till the next bell ring and then enters next teacher..
(Paraamparrra parara) (Sound horn)
extremely dramatic history teacher. After overhearing her scolding those who didn't complete their work (I did not join them today, fortunately) I submit my work and shamelessly talk throughout the class while the teacher rants away about the constitutions. Then a short break, only 15 minutes though. But very busy minutes. I finish one diagram in physics, go with my sick best friend to get a sanction for a socio-environment club and manage to eat quarter a cookie. The bell rings all too  fast and then I sit and listen to the monotomous voice of my physics teacher while being unable to concentrate on the diagram of a periscope. My friend finally snatches the book from me and finishes a complex picture that I had been sweating over. The rest is more or less a blur. I prop my eyelids open during Economics, tear a piece of paper meant for origami in Craft and getting scold in Art for forgetting my drawing works.I share lunch with friends, dump gravy on my shirt and do some computer work. I am pretty sure I sleep through the next two classes. Our class teacher dumps the news that we will be having class on the next Saturday as a result of the extended weekend. And finally while waiting to be carted home I get drenched in muddy water by my van. This is what I call boring, exhausting and unfair. My friends are holidaying somewhere while I learn equations.  Anyways I just want to say that I would warn you not to expect posts any time soon. Please understand. 안녕히 가세요. (Korean)