Monday, May 20, 2013


Hey everybody. Late again. Yeah I know but I had no inspiration. And I can't seem to write a single sentence properly. I just deleted half a post I had written right now and classified it as trash. And I am worried as to whether I am out of ideas. I can't be running out of ideas. That isn't fair. And as I wait to get something workable with I am running out of time. Oh, bulls eye! I hit an idea! I will tell you about a hobby of mine.
So don't think its the normal 'play a piano' or 'read a book' thing. Its rather more interesting. And more fun and informative. So what is the weird hobby of mine? Observing people. Anybody. I don't care if it is an infant or a  forty-five year old woman. This is quite hard, you know. First of all you have to make sure nobody catches you staring at them. If they do make sure you are bold enough to stand the awkwardness. But otherwise it is the easiest thing possible. There is so much to learn about a person. You can know so much more about them by watching what their wear, how their mood is, maybe what they read and how they socialize. In fact sometimes it is almost like reading a book. I have seen some really entertaining characters (Courtesy- the amount of traveling I have done). Some of them I have observed in close detail and others from farther away. And some of them have taught me some things. For example it was my best friend (I still don't understand that crazy girl) who taught me that being uncool was cool. Also, an old woman we saw while we were traveling in Singapore who gave my little brother a packet of chocolates without even knowing us taught me that kindness doesn't always come from people who love or even know you. That was a random act of kindness. And what did she earn by it? A little thank you? No, she got more. She stole a place in all our minds. So by learning about other people, you know more about the challenges you may have to face. The sight of the bed-ridden woman next-door tells me that sometime in the future it could be me. Her spoilt son tells me (metaphorically) that I have the capability to break some people. And watching everybody tells me that everybody has a story to tell. I am not the only one and that sometimes I have to listen to what those suppressed tales have to tell me. 'Vale'. (Latin)

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