Thursday, May 30, 2013

The sorry uses of sorry

Oh well. I am late. But this time I purposely delayed it because I was thinking about an idea for a new book. WIth the idea dumped in a trash and me sick as a dog I really was not in the mood to write.I have this horrible cold and that too right before the school starts. I mean my body had an entire two months of awful summer to get sick in and now when the climate has cooled up after a couple of rains I am sick. It sucks. And yes I am sorry for being a complaint box. Which reminds me of today's topic.
Yes, sorry is the most overused words we know of. And also so the one which is most inappropriately used. You make a mistake. Its alright when you say that you are sorry for it. But when you repeat the mistake then its pointless. It breaks trust. It is pointless. There are two waqys of misusing sorry.
A) By saying it too much
B) By saying it for things you didn't know
 The first one just gets boring. I mean okay I didn't do something: 'Sorry, I will do it tomorrow'. Then the same thing the next day and the next.
And the second one is unnecessary. If somebody's dad died you offer your condolences. Why apologize? Its not your fault that they passed away. Unless something is truly connected to your mistake don't say sorry. Save the word from misuse.
It will be important sometime and by the time that situation comes that word may not be anything more that any mere word. So anyways I am sorry for being unable to write a long post. I am sick. So till next time, 'kas nors nesvarbus'. (Lithunian)

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