Sunday, May 5, 2013

Me, the Superhero

Hello. I am back. So as I am tired of travelling right now I am just posting something I wrote a few days ago. I will go back to posting every three days. So now my post:
Sometimes when I watch dystopian movies or anime or read similar books I have a tiny desire. In almost everything of this genre we see several people die. I just feel that if a similar scene occurs I don't want to be a part of the first victims. I don't want to die without being important, without reason or being known. I would like to fight or something, not just get zombified immediately. I know we all have or still imagine ourselves as some kind of superhero. My New Year resolution when I was 5 was to become a fairy when I grow up. Silly but it explains human psychology pretty well. We all make ourselves the protagonists of our stories. At least few dozen writers can take credit to that. We self-upgrade ourselves to heroes.  We write about how we would have reacted in a similar consequences. We improve our characters and give that personality to the character. We…oh you get  the flow, right? So coming back to what I was saying, I want to be important. I don't want to die the second Martians land on the planet. I don't just want to sink immediately in the Titanic. I  don't want to be killed by a bomb before a battle starts. I just can’t be in the background.
That hardly is my definition of 'Superhero' me
        I often picture myself in the place of some main character of something, mostly female. But I just cannot consider myself being a damsel-in-distress. Neither can I see myself as a brusque, extremely powerful, withdrawn girl. I can’t be Snow White. I am not looking for a prince. And I am not dumb enough to eat an apple from a stranger. Neither am I going to be a hockey stick accompanied delinquent. I am more of an Alice in Wonderland. In my fantasies being me is good enough. I am strong enough, pretty enough and good enough. Not girly but not boyish either. Just being me feels perfect.  It just tells me that sometimes its best to be me rather than a ninja girl. Though being a ninja might help once in awhile its cooler to be me. (Hello, what am I talking about? I thought I hated being me. I guess subconsciously I am befriending the unfriendly half of me.)
That is more like it!
I have my own superhero tales. My chemistry teacher inadvertently becomes villainous. My best friend is my sidekick and my anime hero (Ichigo from Bleach if you want to check him out) is the guy who saves when I almost get sprayed by evil, chemistry-ish thingamajig. I have magic powers. It is my tale. I dream what I  want. And in my story being me is what saves me. I am me. I am my superhero. I am ‘Me, the Superhero’. So 'Undang'. (Malay)

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