Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A little piece of me

Hello all. I am a day late for today's post. I was traveling (still am actually) and have just managed to wrench the computer out of my cousin's hands. And I realized a thing while going through my recent posts. None of them were good enough, not even up to the standards of a crazy teen. So today I thought maybe I would write a little about myself
I am kind of a daredevil of my class. That doesn't mean I climb up trees or fist-fight or anything. I would leave that to my best friend. But in some ways I sometimes represent people. When my group or something connected to me gets in trouble I take responsibility. If a teacher asks us to meet him or her I go in first and talk to them. I am one of  the only girls who can make the lazy people do some work. I make everybody put their noses to their grinding stone. Whether its a little class presentation or an exhibition I do anything to make it good. Also I take the blame if anything goes wrong. Usually people hate me for making them do the work. They think I am just awful. They think I am the teacher's pet. They think I am made up of stone and don't care about anyone other than myself. And then they make my life a little miserable. I know that a couple of my present classmates may read this and think I am exaggerating. They won't if they had followed me through my life. I have been hurt many times. But then I pull through the change. The previous school I attended made life hell for me. I was an outcast but still since my teachers liked me was in-charge of some important things. People didn't cooperate and made it clear that nothing I did would make them like me. They even made some untruthful complaints about me. But then the teacher didn't believe it. Somebody trusted me atleast and then I continued. I finished the year and to great delight returned to the school I really loved. Here again with the odds stacked against me I lived. Though it was a close cut.
I love my life. The number of times I have to go through change is far more numerous than anybody else I have met. It gave me\ knowledge. And then I know far more than them.
Now I have put you all in a bit of melancholy. I am happy. If I were without these troubles my life would be perfect. And I hate perfect. Its too good for me. So anyways 'Agur' (Basque)

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