Saturday, May 11, 2013

a 'Good' meal

Okay now wait, don't think I am going to write about some restaurant or some meal I have eaten or the maker of the meal or anything. You should have noted the quotations next to the Good and the capitals I gave that word up in the heading. Today I am feeling quite crazy and have several jumbled up thoughts. So I have mixed several thoughts of mine about 'goodness' (You know - Be good, help people, etc.etc) and have served in front of you. Please enjoy! 
First Course
The hardest thing in this world is to be good. No, I don't mean the perfect, angelic goody-two-shoes type of good. I mean the normal and sound ‘good’.  Life gives us several opportunities, almost always for the better.  But if you ignore those pathways of light and take the wrong back alley, well the only thing life can do is sit and watch as your life crashes down, eventually it will. Life is helpful but in the end you are the one who has control over it and how you want to use it. But not trust the trust that you break by being 'ungood'. Trust shatters the moment it falls. And when it breaks it is impossible to pick up the pieces again. So by not being good it not only ruins you but also others. 
Second course
You can pick how good you want to be. Either you can donate three-fourths of what you earn to orphans or you can help an old woman with her shopping bags. You can pick the amount of goodness you carry in yourself. It can't be measured but others will feel it. But I will tell you that it will most certainly give you happiness. Being good brings happiness.  (Is this getting too cheesy?)
Third Course
So recently my best friend asked me a question (via internet) '  If the world had good in it, would bad have to be there?'. I stood on top of my head trying to find an appropriate reply. I didn't respond but realized on how many different levels this single question can be answered. The first thing that came into my mind was Newton's 'To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction'.  Then I thought about answering some philosophical dump. Then I stopped thinking and observed my younger brother. He is usually angelic but a little devil at times. But if I were asked whether he is good or bad my answer will be good. It is not that he has never done bad things. But maybe his good qualities were better. So I realized that good and bad coexist in us. There will be some bad in every good. Someone's gain may be someone else's loss. 
Okay that's it. I am not torturing you anymore. So anyway hope you liked the 'meal'. Anyways 'zdravo'. (Bosnian)

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