Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wishing again

Hey people. I know I am late for a post. But here is the thing I will not be writing for over a week that starts day after tomorrow. So I am going to write one more post and post it tomorrow. As for my today's post, I don't have much to say. I have spending a hell lot of time on one stupid essay leaving me no time to think about the blog. So this is one idea I had centuries ago.Its something of a short story or an essay or maybe a narration or even piece of poetry. or it is just a four line piece of stupid pointless poetry. Here it goes;

I would like to feel a feather, I want to see a mountain
I want to take a lick of an ice cream, I want to smell the mud after rain
I have done this but I wish to do it again
And now that I can't I wish I had loved it then.

Okay I know that it is a little babyish but it sounded quite endearing in my head. And now that you have read it you can very well understand that.... oh maybe you won't be able to. I as the writer of this can't understand from whom these lines come. Maybe a dead man or a person who has gotten a fatal injury and is going to die or something. But if read in a sad key it has quite a lot of meaning. And here are some more additional lines:

I want to hold the hand of a baby with a single finger,
I want to listen to the melody of birds waking me to their symphony,
I want to learn to fall in love,
I wish I had done it when I had the chance.

See? Now it is much more sad. I am starting to like it alot  And I am also asking myself why all my poems, essays and writings talk about such depressing subjects. My previous poem too talked about depressing subjects. I guess its just the way I am. Pessimistic. My friend tells me I am the world's biggest pessimist. I can't help it. But now you can comment on the poem. I am pretty sure its better than my usual standard. And here is the last stanza:

I want to try again, I want to cry again
But now it is too late.

'Kveðjum'. (Icelandic)

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