Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The (very knowledgable, stupid and incomplete) teen

Okay I apologize. I know I don't have the right to say a word. But i didn't know i would be away (at a 'haunted' house {not really but it was quite creepy} ). I am totally totally sorry. But I promise you from today I will post every three days. And now lets get back to my today's rant.
Remember my teenager  post waaay ago? I ranted about me not being a typical teen and hating giggling and teen mags and other stuff. Now lets see, what the hell was I talking about? I was not even a proper teenager back then. Hardly 30 days into teenage and I was criticizing teens. My own gang. I wish I had thought a bit more before writing that. Bad idea. So now almost forgetting my past sins I was going to make the same mistake again. But then I sat and I thought or rather asked myself ,'Why is the teen like that? Why can't they be different? And why can't parents bear us?' Now look here. There are books for parents who have to manage the so called 'unmanageable' teen. But has anyone ever bothered to write a book or give advice for the teen to tackle their suddenly not-friendly-anymore parents. Teens are always stuck. I am stuck. We would love to get some help to wedge ourselves out of the suddenly crushing weights of childhood and adulthood mixed together. But mind it, just some help. But sometimes parents either ignore us or help us out too much. And then it doesn't work out. We get angry. They get angry. We scream at them. They scream at us. We run out in desperation. They see us running out in defiance. And there starts the ever-growing conflict. And the ever-widening gap. And this gap is irreversible. The child will never look at its parent in the same way. We see them with anger and in some cases hatred. No more are you a golden, lovable, adorable and sweet child. Now they see you the way they see a dead rat. Wishing the old you (golden, lovable, adorable and sweet child) were back. They don't realize that with you they too have changed. They just don't seem to know how much they rely on you. They just see it the other way around.

So with that I come to the closure of this post. But here is a thing. I am going to change the way this blog looks temporarily for summer. Just for fun. Anyways I don't have much to do. So steel yourself for a surprise next time you come around. So বিদায়. (Bengali)

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