Saturday, April 13, 2013

The unexpected

Finally for the first time I actually keep a promise. To be truthful i am appalled by it myself. I can never, never ever keep a promise. The reason: I forget about it. So yeah, let's go straight to my post.
The results of my final exams came about 3 days ago. I was absolutely, totally sure that I had done awfully badly. Read that terribly, stupidly, awfully, dreadfully, appallingly badly. The reason: I hadn't opened my books until the day before the exam. I had been my usual lazy self. And my usual lazy self usually gets good marks without studying too hard. And very obviously I relied on that belief and did the same thing. But very obviously I had messed with the with the wrong people.
As the first question paper (geography I think) landed on our desks like the nuclear bombs of Nagasaki I totally wished that I had read my text books a little more in detail. But my chance was over. I relied on whatever I learned in class. The second exam on the same day was a little better. And so went the days, filled with unbearable silence, boredom and cramming. Of course, there was tons of cramming  Then like a ray of sunlight after days of darkness came the vacations. Phew. On the last day the school shook with our shouts and screams.
After spending a leisurely 10 days doing.... absolutely NOTHING I suddenly realized with a jolt that the parent teacher meeting was a day later. I went absolutely religious and prayed to every single god. Then I went on to do chores for mum so that the punishment wont be too bad. Then, the day of reckoning arrived. I dressed in the most somber clothes I had along with a similar expression. As my mom took the the turn to my school, my heart started thumping savagely. I didn't want to go. I glimpsed my classroom. 'NOOOOOOO!' I mentally screamed. I got inside my classroom and grabbed the seat farthest from my teacher. When she motioned for us to join her I started to elaborate the task of entangling my baby brother from the desks. Then the teacher announced loud enough for me to hear (I was sure that it was my death notice) ' Niranjana has come third in the class.' What?! I stared at her with my mouth hanging open (literally). Was she talking about somebody else? It turned to be me after all. My luck had struck again. I am not sure it will work again. So tạm biệt (Vietnamese)
I hope this remains true forever!
PS: How does the blog look now? And please, please comment. I need more comments.


  1. Wow, the new blog is nice. I too like this dynamic style, since it's easier to comment (hence why I chose it). My only issue is that I'm not sure if I like that particular shade of green for the taskbar.
    At first I didn't like the colour at all, but after reading the post and looking up, it's growing on me a little.

    And congratulations for coming third in the class. Imagine how well you could do if you didn't cram the day beforehand.

    1. There is no fun if you do tons of work and then get good marks. I like taking these kinds of risks!


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