Monday, April 22, 2013

A vehicle's tale

Hey people! I am sorry but I do not have time to whip up a new post. Unless.. you want to hear about my infamous school van. That discussion I can finish in 5 minutes.
SO you already know a little bit about this vehicle. This car is at least 10 years old and has a breakdown every single day and presumably when all of us are tired and can't wait to get home. The van driver promises us at the end of every single term and academic year that he will buy a new car, but those are just hollow ones. Nevertheless none of us can imagine going in any other car. I guess the main reason is because there aren't any other in our far-flung area but also because despite his stinginess  he gives every single child a treat at the end of the year.
Now I am getting to the complaints. Get braced;
That car doesn't have any ventilation except the half-open windows. It has a kind of a sliding door and once the door is closed it doesn't open and if it is open it doesn't close. Also our van driver stuffs 15 children into a van meant for 8 people. That means taking the smaller children on laps and the smallest ones on their laps. Kind of like a triple decker sandwich. Also the roof of the car doesn't have any foam coat so if we bump our heads we get a bruise and leftover cotton along with it.
 But we still love the van. We have fun. We threaten our driver. We buy snacks. We plan stuff. We complain about teachers. Sometimes we fight. I manage to empty my water-bottle on somebody all the time. It is great. Just great. So now I have to go. I will see you all in a week. Till then, farewell. (I figured that there should be an English goodbye as well.)

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