Monday, March 25, 2013

Its Friday!!! (Blast from the past)

And right know all of you go 'what?'. Is something wrong with her head?  Of course I am crazy (not certifiably) but I didn't think I was as crazy as to write a post named 'Its Friday' on a Monday? I actually had written this post a long time ago but since I didn't have anything to write about today....... Okay, I never have anything to write. Its not my fault. I have been sitting in front of books the size of dictionaries for the past few weeks. And once I was done I almost burnt my textbooks. My mother had to refrain me from doing that though. Darn it. Now that would have been a fun thing. So when I originally composed this post I had just gotten home from an extremely grueling week and an even more grueling awful Friday. I practically flew out of my van (That thing is too unidentifiable to be called a van or even a vehicle. It was probably old ten years ago. Or so we guess. It is probably more.) and ran into my house and threw myself into the bed, bag and books included. After sometime I was feeling a teeny-tiny bit better, opened my eyes and dragged myself to front of my computer and started typing. But then some obviously pestering friends burst in through the door and dragged me out to play. Very obviously they didn't have school on that day and couldn't stand me sitting at home. Jerks. So as you know now I hadn't written much that day. Well read that as two sentences. So now I am going to write an article from the viewpoint of that Friday's me. Here it goes:
Wooooooooohoooooooooooooo!! Its Friday finally.(That's how much I had written) Salvation! Freedom! Temporarily permanent freedom! I just had the most unpleasant Friday. Started of with one of my favorite teachers being absent and having a chemistry period instead. Which meant 2 periods of chemistry as the next period too was the same terrible subject. To top it I just had to forget my textbook today which meant standing throughout the two periods. Ugh. Then on and on went the awful day, dragging itself like I was dragging myself during the lunch break writhing in pain from knee injury during push ups during Karate. Yes, our karate teacher who usually just allows us to talk or whisper felt that it was absolutely, completely important to have us do push ups, pull ups and what nots on this very day. Then games. I don't even have to say anything about it. To sum up the volleyball game our team played; we were beaten, thrashed and hung out to dry. And that too for the first time. Which made it extremely humiliating as we had taken a bet. And it also had to happen on this same day. Okay I think that's about it. This was also the reason why I had to bite my lip from shouting when the bell rang. I could only contain that scream till I reached home after which I let out a huge bellow. I could hear the ringing for a looooooong time. And the scream was extremely similar to the title of this post. Come to think of it, it is the same except for more exclamation points. Anyways right now I got to go and snore. So 'comiat'. (Catalan)

So now for today's goodbye '告別'. (Okay I can't read that but I figure that it means bye in Chinese.)

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  1. I love the poetry of the term "temporarily permanent". It's grammatically incorrect, but I know EXACTLY what you mean.


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